The Male Communicative Dominance Theory

Through my experiences of my life, as well as a class on communication, I have determined on how to explain why certain genders behave; more specifically, males.  I have decided to put my writing energies toward this blog, instead of online debate forums.  Now, debating is a very useful tool when trying to learn more about a concept.  The problem, especially when anybody and everybody can debate with the advent of the internet, is usually the debate is non-respectful and irrational in nature.

A big part of this, has to do with how males tend to communicate.  First, it is known that a lot of males like to debate.  That is not to say there are no female debaters, it is just a general trend.  Also, it has come to my observations, that men constantly exert their dominance towards other men as well as to women.  Obviously, how people perceive these exertions has a lot to do with their gender as well.

It should be noted, that the very nature of writings like these are more of a general explanation.  In other words, it is probably very easy to pick out very specific situations where these thoughts may or may not hold true, however that does not necessarily disprove the entire model.  Maybe parts, but also, keep in mind this has to do with generalizations which deal with the general public (not all).

I think a good place to start, is what exactly is dominance?  And well, are there sub-types or different kinds of dominance?

Dominance:  the disposition of an individual to assert control in dealing with others.

Dominance makes good sense if you take a Darwinian perspective.  If a male turns out to be the alpha male, the male that has control with dealing with others, it increases his survival compared to a male that does not have this status.  So, it makes sense that males want to exert dominance, because if they do become more controlling (dominant) in the social hierarchy, their probability of survival increases.

It is in my opinion, that different males respond to different forms of dominance.  One guy might be showing off how big his muscles are, while another would brag to his guy friends on how many women he slept with (who says quantity is better than quality?) while another may determine his dominance by intellectualism, or, art!  It comes in many forms.  Which means that it is very possible to have a bunch of men talking to one another in a big circle.  Each man, would revere one form of dominance more predominant than the other.  So, what is a funny possibility?  That after that discussion, every single male could think they were the most dominant.  Typical, right?

It is in my view, that if you have one male that is exerting, for example, his physical dominance to another male that views physical dominance as priority, a huge tango will take place to determine who is the most dominant.  For, the winner, will be able to “control” to some extent the other, hereby increasing their chances for survival.

If you have one male that exerts artistic dominance towards someone who thinks sexual dominance is most influential, then not only is this clash increasingly less important, but if a clash were to take place, it does not have as much as an impact.  So what if some guy can sleep with more women than me, my art is much better and I can make more money than him!  While the other guy says, “So what if that guy can paint, I can sleep with any woman that I want and I can make more money than him!”

The end result is that usually men tango with regards to dominance, constantly.  Things also get more and more irrational when someone correlates their dominance to their self-worth, and that may manifest into narcissism.

So what does this have to do with a can of worms?  (As my Dad is notorious for saying.)

I just read a post of a man who apparently has a PhD, who said he did not address my previous forum post because it was a bunch of chemical equations, and they do not pertain to The Four Laws of Thermodynamics.

That is so stupid, so irrational on so many levels, that I am not going to even begin to type that out.  (This guy has a PhD!)  Now, I have dealt with some dumb statements in the past on these forums, but this was the last straw.  I threw up my hands in the air, and basically said most of these people have no chance.  Their insanity can not be cured.

Insanity:  utter folly; stupidity

Why is this occurring though?  For one, I think our educational system is a joke.  It was created during an age of The Industrial Revolution while following the philosophies of The Renaissance.  I think it is reasonable to assume that there lies the possibility that our system needs to reform.

But I think his statements had more to do with exerting his dominance over me, and less about the educational system.  Under his view, he could not under any circumstance allow me to come out on top.  So no matter what I would say, even if it was perfectly logical (which I doubt it was), it would be viewed as irrational to him, simply because he is practicing irrationality.  But why follow the dominance to such an extreme?  It is in my view because he was a narcissist, and was experiencing what is termed narcissistic rage.  (I feel another way to explain this occurrence, is someone who equates their dominance to their very self-worth.)

I see this on a bus going my way to visit some friends.  There are obvious males who desire to be the alpha male on that bus, constantly.  And they make it known, “I am the alpha male.”  Which in my opinion, is pretty dumb.  How much more likelihood of survival are you going to establish by controlling a trip on a bus?  I’ll do the thinking for you guys, it is not much.

I’ve had teachers in the past who felt threatened by what I was saying or doing, and so they exerted their authority to make sure I knew who was the alpha male in their mind.

This model, in my view, is everywhere.

Women are a whole other ball game.  I feel like I may have some idea, however, this is intrinsically more difficult because I am a male, not a female.

Enjoy!  Till next time.


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