The Conservative Media, and well, Obama

Today, after I was done helping a good friend of mine with her homework, I tuned her television in on The Presidential Address to Congress from Obama.  With this speech, as well as his previous speech about The Budget, I have not only swayed on who exactly I am going to vote for at the next Presidential Election, but I have learned vital lessons on our media.

I am a little embarrassed to share this, but my parents eat up The Fox News’ propaganda every single day.  At first, I thought this “news” was great!  I had heard over the course of my years at school that it is pretty obvious to many people that the media had either a liberal slant to their reporting, or was liberal propaganda.  It really was nice and interesting to hear the conservative perspective.  As more and more days passed, I started to not only see that this new style was cool, but I started to believe in these ideals.  I am not talking about some of them, I am talking about all of them.  However, as The Fox News Network spun The President as being a socialist fascist, and by hearing The President speak himself, I started in my intellectual journey to consider that maybe Fox News could be inaccurate on certain perceptions.

Also, as I was debating more and more on the internet, I started to dive into cognitive distortions.  The reason why I did this, was because I saw a general trend in peoples’ thinking that made them create a faulty conclusion.  One of the most obvious ones, was there were no gray areas.  Either, you had to cut taxes and regulations in all circumstances, raise taxes and regulations in all circumstances, or you had to follow Austrian Business Theory at all points in the business cycle.  I soon found the relationship, that a “news” network that showed the conservative viewpoint (by sometimes not even allowing liberal guests to even speak) was not only non-ethical journalism, but it was propaganda.  Just as there are probably news channels that are liberal propaganda (I do not know of these personally, as my parents dictate what news we all should watch) Fox News fits the bill for conservative propaganda.  It is in my view, that journalism needs to be as unbiased as possible.  It is readily apparent that to be completely unbiased is somewhat impossible!  Everyone has their own opinions, so therefore, to be consistent, I think journalists should strive to show a liberal slant for every conservative slant and vice versa.  Therefore, following this logic, I do not see channels like Fox News to be true journalists; they are completely unethical.

I think it is pretty safe to say that I have heard the conservative viewpoint on pretty much every issue, and hearing tonight’s speech from President Obama not only was inspiring to me, but it showed me that I do not know who to vote for next!  I was pretty convinced that I was going to vote Republican this next Presidential Election.  However, after hearing that speech, I am curious how The President would respond to the heat from his conservative counterparts.  This is why I am pretty excited to see the debates between the two candidacies, and therefore, the two schools of thought so to speak.

I will have to say, is that when I usually believe in something, it is either very conservative or very liberal.  It’s strange.  So for example, I have a very liberal standpoint with regards to how we should not only deal with global warming, but more specifically, I think we should attack carbon dioxide emissions as aggressively as possible.  I have done my best to educate myself on both sides, and it is in my view, that humanity is indeed responsible for the effects of climate change.  Furthermore, I think hitting our economy with less carbon emissions is what we have to do as a human race if we want an Earth that is going to be sustainable.  (I have not even seen the documentary promoted by Al Gore.  That whole video has received so much heat I haven’t even watched it.  I have seen various science channel and PBS documentaries, as well as reading articles on Global Warming for one of my classes.)  Therefore, I think we as a people should view carbon dioxide emission reduction as an investment, and not as a complete financial expense.

I watched the GOP presidential nominee debate the other night, and I have to admit, I have a very conservative view point with regards to immigration.  For one, I think some sort of border barrier has to be established.  Once that is in place, we have to in my mind reform policies that attract so many immigrants in the first place!  The first reform that I think needs to happen is to make hiring illegal immigrants illegal.  Secondly, we have to reform the legal immigration process and advertise that process.  Thirdly, I think The United States Government should refrain and be held accountable in the event the government is caught transporting firearms to The Mexican Drug Cartels.

There are more examples, but it seems with me, I am either very liberal or very conservative.  However, I admit that I have both schools of thought in me.  I think it is very dangerous to say to yourself essentially, “The Conservative school of thought is right in all instances (my parents)” and vice versa, as that is pretty black and white thinking.  I am not going to waste the time with providing examples of policies enacted from both sides that have been beneficial to our society.  And well, that is why I think our political system in all of its imperfections, got the idea of political debate right.  Have both sides share their thoughts and reasonings, and once they come to a compromise, the bill in most cases will have instances from both schools of thought.

So Mr. President, in the extreme unlikely event that you are reading this blog, you need to have your voice heard more!  Of course, conservative propaganda is going to spin absolutely every word that comes out of your mouth as socialist and fascist.  Hell, they use those words like they have turrets.  I do not think they even know what these words mean anymore they use them so much.  So yes, you will be spun.  At the same time, I think a strong leader should not take the punches constantly so to speak.  Defend yourself, and speak out!  If you want my vote this upcoming Presidential Term, it is still possible to get it, but I feel you need to not only be more transparent with The American Public, but you also have to take your criticisms and spins head on.  Even if you prove yourself to be a competent President (I still have not heard you talk about The Stimulus Bill’s performance), I do not want a President that is a complete sissy.  And so, that speech was a wonderful start Mr. President.  I urge you to not only address Congress, but also The American Public more with regards to your actions and reasonings.  Stop taking it and start giving it!  Otherwise, even if you prove to have more of a competency that is being portrayed, and even if you prove that you have more competency than your competition, I am sorry, but I am going to have to vote for the other candidate because I do not want a sissy as a President.

So after tonight, I am very confident in saying that The Conservative Media, more specifically Fox News, in my opinion, has most of it (notice I did not use the word all) wrong with regards to President Obama.  I think for sure Obama has a good heart.  Now, it is more of a debate on whether or not he is competent with regards to leading a country.  I completely agree with that.  But in order to accurately deduce a conclusion in that context, I believe it is important to hear from the man himself.  Furthermore, since I feel it is undebateable in regards to where his intentions lie, I am very confident in saying Obama is not a fascist.  I think he truly believes in not only the ideals that this country was predicated upon, but he is very prideful to be an American and I think he knows more than most people on what being an American means.

I have decided to try my best to get my news somewhere else than television.  I just do not trust it at all.  Web sources are good, however my head hurts after reading on a LCD screen for a very long time.  So I am thinking magazines, news papers, and radio (which includes internet radio).  It is my current perception, that these mediums do share biases, but it is not to the extreme as the biases shown by the media on television.

I am not saying I am definitely going to vote republican or democrat this next election.  All that I am saying, is that I am not sure now who I am going to vote for.  And well, when the presidential race really starts, I feel the presidential debates are going to be so key for my vote.

Till next time readers.  I hope you enjoy!



  1. RoniLynn said,

    September 17, 2011 at 5:45 pm

    Good thoughts. Appreciate the honesty in your discoveries. I wish more were as open-minded as you. Though I’m liberal (in most cases), I’m also an intellectual, which means that I try to separate fact from fiction before taking sides. I’d rather admit I’m wrong than to blindly follow a certain ideology ‘just because’. I found your blog on the Forums page and I’m very new to blogging. I’m a writer at heart and I’m finally following my heart. Good luck and I will continue to follow you. Thanks.


  2. Graphite said,

    September 25, 2011 at 8:02 pm

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it


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