Our Five Senses, Their Limitations, and Extra Dimensions

Today I had my eyes wide open with wonder after one of my classes.  My instructor for this class has been one of the best instructors that I have ever had.  There are many things going for him, but I have to admit, he has one of the sharpest minds I have ever known.

He introduced a thought experiment to the class.  The first one, was what would you (the student) do if you crash landed on a planet that was completely sustainable to life as we know it, however there were no civilizations?

The second one, had to do with our five senses.  First, he was talking about the limitations of them.  Our eyes can only perceive a fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum.  What would our world be like if we could see everything from gamma to infrared light waves?  What about sound?  How cool would it be to hear ultrasound!  One could literally sense when a submarine was nearby when he or she was out fishing.  What if the human could sense the touch of microbes?  What if we could taste the air like a snake?

To make things even more interesting, is what about the possibility of a sixth sense?  He posed this question:  “What if humanity was initially given four senses, and the sense lost was sight.  How would humanity adapt?  Then, what would happen if a human “evolved” (or basically acquired) the sense of sight?  What would be the repercussions for not only the human race, but that individual?  How could he describe sight to people who have never seen before?”

He then went and told about hand-eye coordination.  Just because someone can see, and just because someone has physical hands, does not necessarily mean they have the hands to catch a ball.  He left the discussion at that, showing the possibility that other senses could be rooted from the five fundamental senses that we experience every day.  I was not only awe-struck, but I had to rush to the cafeteria and get some food, because I was exhausted I was thinking so much.

So what does this all mean?  I suppose before I start, I need to talk about another thought experiment done by physicists and mathematicians when explaining what dimensions above three dimensions look like.  If a man were to perceive only in a two-dimensional world i.e. exist only on a piece of paper, that person would not be able to perceive three dimensions even though those dimensions exist outside of the piece of paper.  So, they logically follow this in our current existence.  Since humans perceive (derived from our five senses) the reality around us in three dimensions, it would be extremely unlikely to perceive what other dimensions look like even though the existence of extra dimensions would be present.  In other words:  Just because humanity can not perceive four and above dimensions does not necessarily mean these extra dimensions are not there.

Now back to the senses thought experiment that was discussed in my class earlier today.  Could it be possible for a human being to either “evolve” with another sense, or calibrate another sense using the original five?  If this is possible, what would that mean?

It would not only create a perceivement that brings us closer to Truth, but it may open the doors to people being able to see other dimensions.  This has huge implications.  Would humanity be able to see, touch, feel, or even measure, something like a “life force.”  Life force could mean anything, from the soul of something to the very energy that breathes life into whatever one is studying.

I just watched a recent block buster movie, Thor.  My expectations of this movie was that the movie would not have been nearly as good as Ironman.  Well, I was so wrong on so many levels.  And well, not only did I find Thor as currently my favorite comic book movie, but I had a wanting, a desire, for that reality in that movie to be real.  Not the whole all-powerful hammer that can create or destroy anything, but a universe where traveling to distant “realms” to not only be possible, but an all-knowing civilization that has embraced both science and spirituality.

If a human being were to find an enlightenment to the point that he or she could not only sense something different, but see it as well, I think this added sense would inevitably lay the foundations of bringing science and spirituality to an ever closer double helix, where one is intimately bounded to the other.  Now, it could very well be possible that such an event could be utterly impossible.  But, I would argue that no one can say that with one hundred percent certainty.  In which case, because this is not one hundred percent certain, it would be consistent and logical to consider the alternative.  Could humanity come to an understanding of a sixth sense?  Could this unlock others?  Could these added senses bring about a Truth that could never have been thought possible?  Could there one day be a civilization that could harness wormholes and travel thousands of light years in a fraction of a second?  This may sound utterly crazy…..

But if you were to go to someone in the space race during the 60’s, and told them that not only is NASA going to land on mars but is planning to colonize it, they would think you were mentally psychotic and would probably want you to be examined and given some medication.  If you were to share with the inventors of the computer what the Internet was going to look at, or the fact that computers now are able to produce three-dimensional images, they would tell you to stop wasting their time and to get some medical attention.

With the advancement of technology….

With the advancement of computational theory…

With the advancement of science…

And well, with mathematics…

And intrinsically, these advancements would provide a better understanding of not only the world around us, but they would open the minds of everyone from economists to philosophers….

I think humanity could very well either achieve another sense, or break the current limitations of our current ones.

Just think, what would a universe look like if we could see all eleven dimensions (as proposed by M-Theory, I think)?  Would the spiritual universe open up?  Would we be able to see beings that watch over us constantly?  Or would there be something else?  Could we see parallel universes right before our eyes?  Could we peer into a universe where you decided to be an archeologist instead of a biologist?

Classes like these are what classes should be.  Open ended discussions, where thinking is not only encouraged but explored.  To think, that our current system is promoting standardization, the close minded process of thinking a certain way deemed by some department of the government.  Classes like this brings me hope.  There are some teachers out there that are not only really passionate about what they do, but they are extremely competent on what they do as well!

And well, now I have something to think and ponder about for the rest of my life.

Dr. Freeman, thank you.



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