The Implications of Quantum Theory

Let me make this clear at the very beginning:  Quantum Theory is vastly different than Quantum Mechanics.  Quantum Mechanics is essentially applying Quantum Theory in the realm of physics.  I just recently read an article about how very smart people are starting to take the mathematical language of Quantum Theory to other disciplines.  I am going to go ahead and actually quote from certain sections of this article, so therefore I am going to cite this particular article.

Buchanan, Mark. “Quantum Minds.” New Scientist. 03 09 2011: 34-37. Print.

One implication that this mathematical language has shown a huge influence on, is logic.  The thought experiment presented in this article, had a physics nature about it to express how this correlates to human logic.  Imagine a thin sheet of paper, with two slits titled A and B.  If we were to open one slit up, let’s say A, and spray spray paint through that slit, we would get a certain pattern on the wall behind it.  Let’s do the reverse.  Let’s open slit B while closing slit A, and spray spray paint revealing a similar pattern on the wall compared to before.  Now, using classical logic, it would make sense if we were to open up both slits, that the resulting pattern would be the sum of the previous two patterns.  Unfortunately, through quantum theory this is not the case.  In fact, the overall pattern is vastly different.  What is astonishing, is the language has equations to explain this phenomenon.

So a competent reader can already see that quantum theory could really revolutionize logic, in a sense by disproving classical logic.  There is a whole mathematical language called logic, and that is traditional logic.  Quantum Theory could shake the foundations of that whole area of math.  Further, people have been using quantum theory and not really realizing it.  In this article, the main inventor of the search algorithms of Google, realized that he was using Quantum Theory ideas in his math.  I think we all know how well that search engine works.  And, towards the end of the article, brilliant minds in the realms of robotics are starting to apply Quantum Theory to the logic part of the robotic brain.  There is evidence that these programs are starting to deduce conclusions; in other words, they might be learning on themselves.  It seems that Artificial Intelligence could very well be possible, and the key would be Quantum Theory.

A thought psychologist was interviewed, and he thought quantum theory is a better representation or description to human thought.  Human thought does not ultimately follow classic logic in all circumstances.

And so, seeing how this language is having such an impact in our understanding of our world around us, I wanted to quote a specific paragraph.  This absolutely blew my mind.

“The strange links go beyond probability, Aerts argues, to the realm of quantum uncertainty.  One aspect of this is that the properties of particles do not exist until they are measured.  The experiment doing the measuring determines what properties an electron might have.”

This is insane.  Because, the whole premise of the scientific method, is that the experimental system is just witnessing a natural phenomenon.  But, if what this mathematical language is saying, is the very experiment dictates the behavior of the system that is being measured in the first place.  This ultimately explains why even through our current scientific method, humanity will never find Truth.  Simply, because once the experiment is done, the particles go to their true form.  Now, experiments might create conditions of those particles that are closer to their true form, but we will never see a particle in its true form using an experiment.  Period.  Because the experiment dictates the properties of the particle.

So essentially, this is evidence and an explanation, as to why we will never obtain Truth.  And why our universe is infinite while our minds and methodology is finite.  I suppose the fix to this problem, would be to create a whole other scientific methodology without experimentation.  Of course, as we know it, this is not possible, because over the centuries we have been refining the process of experimentation.  Maybe, just maybe, a very bright mind will create a whole new reliable process that does not use experimentation while providing concrete conclusions about the reality among us.  Or, this is just not possible.

This has huge implications to our current times as well.  CERN has just released a report saying that they clocked a particle called neutrinos that traveled faster than the speed of light.  Of course, the CERN is asking other labs across the globe to either verify or refute those findings.  Everyone within the scientific community thinks the methodology is solid, which means that the process is credible.  The beauty of this method so far though, is that labs might find other conclusions, or the same.  We do not know at this point.  The implications right now, is that if the neutrino is clocked to travel faster than the speed of light, than one of the Einsteins most famous theories would be in jeapordy.  The Theory of Relativity.  In the thought experiments that Einstein used to derive this theory, his assumption was that the speed of light was constant in no matter what frame of reference the object was in.  In other words, there was nothing faster than the speed of light.

And well, now there is an experiment that might show that things do travel faster than the speed of light.

But let’s go back to what quantum theory suggests.  Quantum Theory suggests that the very nature of this experiment could create conditions of the targeted particle, resulting in a particle that traveled faster than the speed of light.  And when that experiment is stopped, the targeted particle (in this case the neutrino) would go back to a purely natural existence.  Which, could very well be an existence where the neutrino does not travel faster than the speed of light.

So even if labs across the globe conclude that the neutrino travels faster than the speed of light, that does not necessarily mean it is so.  Because of the nature of the experiment, which therefore totally undermines our whole entire scientific method.  However, it is clear that this method is not completely wrong.  We have been able to come to solid conclusions and from those understandings, do some very powerful stuff with the world around us.  Which means, maybe truly good experimentation would create an experiment that would provide the conditions of whatever in the system closest to natural existence possible.  We may never know how this is accomplished, but, I think considering our understanding, we have probably accomplished this unintentionally.

My mind is blown.


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