An Attempt

I have always proposed the idea that someone should open up their minds and attempt to lay out a new economic philosophy for the future.  It is in my belief, that even though our current economic paradigm got us to where we are today, there have been many instances in time where morality was thrown out the window in response to more quarterly profits.  It is also in my belief, that the vast majority of the world’s population live a life of unnecessary struggle simply to indulge the unquenchable appetites of a select few.  Most people continue living their lives, always assuming, “Well, that is just the way it is.”  The problem with that mentality, is that if everyone refuses to acknowledge the problems and possible solutions to our current economic paradigm, then no change will be enacted.  For some, this is fine.  Especially if financial resources are not an issue.  For most, I am willing to bet a system that brings about a better quality of life to everyone makes a whole lot more sense.  There are two key objectives to this model.  They are:

  1. To provide all necessities of life to everyone.
  2. To encourage or promote an intimate relationship with nature.

To me, these are two key fundamental statements that have to be made in order to create a more happy and satisfied populace.  The first avenue that needs to be accomplished, is a revolution of the human mind.  I have been trying to talk about this, but I termed this whole idea as Unity.  Instead of people only thinking of themselves and exploitation, people need to start thinking about the needs and well-being of other fellow human beings.  Once we start not only identifying ourselves with other people, we will all start to identify ourselves by what planet we belong to.  It is strange to me, how some people will value having a clean home, home being defined as a building, yet when it comes to the planet, this value does not travel to our natural space.  I think part of that has to do with our individualistic culture, a value practice that avoids pain, as well as humanity’s contamination of nature.  Let me explain.

During our most recent financial crisis, a select few jeopardized the livelihoods of millions of workers for more profits.  Need I say more?

Also, valuing oneself only actually saves pain.  If on the news there was an environment catastrophe, who cares?  That person only feels internal turmoil when it has to do with themselves more directly.  An oil spill that kills hundreds of birds has nothing to do with his or her paycheck that comes at the end of the week.  However, if this person did empathize with this story, there would be internal turmoil.  In fact, I believe that some people sense how atrocious we are being to the planet, that they subconsciously decide to have other people worry about those events, so to speak.

Finally, humanity does not value nature as much because the beauty of nature is constantly contaminated with concrete and pavement.  There are plenty of instances where there are buildings that are pleasing to the eye because of their architecture, however there is nothing like a clear night sky with only the milky way to see.  Or a sunset setting on the rocks of The Grand Canyon.  Why?  Because that is our true home.

We have separated ourselves so much from nature, we refuse to see ourselves as a part of nature and her properties.  Nature is our natural habitat.  It was not until the agricultural revolution that we started to experiment with settlements and small cities.  Until then, we were nomads, wondering the landscape and learning the ways of nature.  Because if those humans did not, then well, they would be in for a quick surprise.

Therefore, it is in my belief that when humans have an intimate relationship with nature the overall well-being of him or herself increases.  This is why it is essential and important to have a healthy Earth.  Furthermore (as I will write about it when I have finished the book), The Gaia Hypothesis states that the conditions of life would not exist without life.  Life promotes the conditions of life, and everyone and everything is intricately interconnected.  When the conditions of the planet get unbalanced so to speak, the Earth will re-stabilize itself, most notably, an ice age will bring the Earth back to homeostasis (temperature equilibrium) in the least amount of time.  Once this is established, the conditions of life can continue.  A healthy Earth is a healthy home, and the planet will promote conditions that promote healthy life if we allow her to.

With all of this considered, the first step in this economic model would be to consume resources at or less than the rate at which these resources are replenished naturally.  That, in my mind, would be the first fundamental rule for this new society.  This first restricts humanity from extinguishing a resource, and possibly interrupting the biosphere.  Also, these resources if not consumed too rapidly, would always be present for our use.  Lastly, this will increase the time experienced of a healthy equilibrium between the biota and the planet.  Does that mean we, the human race, would have to change how we consume certain resources?  Absolutely.

So here are the steps that are coming to my mind first:

  1. Catalogue all resources on the planet.
  2. Measure the rate of replenishment of all resources.
  3. Measure an approximation of a satisfied consumption rate for a person.
  4. Create a distribution system to distribute the said resources within the allowed consumption rate.

And, once we all realize life is about loving life, not things, this whole drive to obtain the most material wealth will cease.  What brings about fulfillment to people are different to themselves, but there are some big things that everyone has in common.  There are many people in this world that strive to help other people, be it by medical endeavors or otherwise.  Other men and women strive to protect the innocent and apply justice to the guilty.  While others, their fulfillment is in expression or obtaining more knowledge and creeping ever closer to Truth.  All of these things, really have nothing to do with constant material gratification.

In order for any of this to work, society has to stop using people and loving things, and start loving people and using things.  Until that is accomplished, there is going to be constant poverty, hunger, disease, and struggle.  Humanity has the know how if we worked towards a common goal, to end all physical labor (manufacturing robotics, robotics) for all, while also providing a high quality and standard of living for everyone.  If people valued the conditions of the whole, people would not horde resources, especially if currency was thrown out the window.  (How could someone sell those resources?)  The only reason why currency was enacted, was to deal with scarce resources.  Now, humanity has the know-how to bring almost any resource to any part of the planet.  There really is no need.  Once people started sharing responsibility to the state of their community, they would not horde resources for they valued the lives of other people.

It is our constant lust for individualism that keeps humanity going through the volatile blood pressures of the business cycle.  It is in my view, it does not have to be this way.  Here is an idea, a start, and I hope it sparks some others to think along these lines.  Capitalism does not have to be the school of thought for eternity.  It obviously is not perfect.  I also think Communism and Socialism are flawed, they all assume our environment’s resources are infinite.  But we all need to start thinking about ways to create a better society for everyone.  I’m tired of filling the bellies of the corporate and bank elites.


Unity –> Not Individualism

I remember watching an anime that really captivated me.  Heroic Age was a story of fantastic lore with truly powerful heroes and battles.  It was a story where humanity was on the verge of survival, with The Tribe of Silver constantly trying to eliminate all of humanity.

And well, it seems that the only time humanity unites is when their very existence is put into question.  At least, that is how various artists interpret the whole issue.  Another example would be the infamous Independence Day, where Will Smith is the hero that saves humanity from the invading aliens.

What is interesting to me, is that humanity faces some serious issues (not necessarily another alien race wanting our extinction) and yet we refuse to unite.  I have talked about many issues in the past, like Peak Oil and Global Warming.  But I suppose I will start talking about over population.

Soon, it is expected that humanity’s population will reach about 7.5 billion people.  To make things even worse, it has been estimated that about 1 million people are migrating to U.S. cities per day.  The true sagnificance of this, is that our population curve is exponentially getting out of control.  And, it is a known relationship in nature that when a population gets, well, over populated, nature will naturally induce conditions to balance the population problem.  There is a general trend however, as Gaia as well as humanity both struggle for survivability.  As Gaia (Earth) puts forth conditions that would start to contract the human population, humanity has created an innovation to keep our infinite growth paradigm alive.  The catch is, the rate at which these innovations are taking place, has to steadily increase in order to keep our way of life.  Eventually, humanity will not be able to keep up.

With that said, we would all benefit if we all worked together.  Yes, there are other more immediate issues presented in front of us.  But this population problem is going to induce a population dip.  How is humanity going to handle this event?  With our individualistic culture, it is my hypothesis that at least in The United States, for the most part, people would put their interests first followed by the interests of the community.  As, it would be nice to survive, I suppose through my spiritual endeavors, I am opposite.  I would put the needs of the group before the needs of my own.

This in my opinion, is the intellectual revolution that I think we need to start thinking about.  It is true, through individual financial interests, coupled with the industrial revolution sparked growth that has been unprecedented in the past 200 some odd years.  But, that does not justify that we use this model, or framework of thinking, for eternity.

There is a fascinating relationship between science fiction writers and science.  It seems that for humanity to progress to a world where we would be able to conquer the stars, and be at homeostasis with our planet, we would all have to work together for the common good.  Another frightening aspect of this, is having one world government.  Now, we immediately are fearful of this as this government could very potentially do very evil things for their own individual self-interests.  The answer, is if humanity truly believes in the idea of putting the community first, then themselves, there could very well be a worldwide government, and it could be possible.

A world wide government provides some advantages and disadvantages obviously.  A disadvantage to many Americans, would be that it could be very possible that million dollar mansions would not be in the grand scheme of things.  In my opinion, sacrificing material wealth for quality of life is a no brainer, especially because material wealth does not correlate to quality of life.  A world wide government would oversee the economic model that the citizenship (humanity) would vote to enact.  And inevitably, if everyone is thinking about the betterment of other people than themselves, the less fortunate would be able to enjoy a life of fresh water and shelter.  To me, that world makes a whole lot more sense.  I heard a statistic one day that made my heart plummet.  About 35,000 children starve to death in Africa per second.  I guess our sports cars are more valuable than other peoples’ lives.

It is easy for us to blame other people for their outcome for various reasons, instead of realizing that the responsibility partially has to do with America’s foreign policy.  And well, America’s culture in general allows these atrocities to happen because it is so individualistic.  It is the children’s fault that they are starving to death!  That is a very quick and easy thought, because in The American scheme of things, everything is about individual freedom.  I believe however, we have taken this to an unhealthy extreme.  We have taken it to the point that we are unempathetic about our common man.  Of course, being empathetic towards other people is hard to do when you hear certain things in the news, or watch certain events on a public transit system.  If anything, we should view this as a sick society.  A society that does need some serious revamp.  Afterall, all one has to do is look at the depression and anxiety epidemic in America!  We are not necessarily happy, yet we “enjoy” some of the highest standards of living.

Instead of exploiting people for individual gain, we should practice empathy and start working to help people, all around the world regardless of race or creed.  Both sides, America’s Allies and enemies, have done atrocious things to one another.  I feel it is time that we start working together!  We have so many challenges approaching us, that the last thing humanity needs is conflict within ourselves.  Everyone refers to the early humans practicing Tribalism.  It is in my view, that we are still practicing it!  Our tribes are our countries, even though 7.5 billion people share about 99.999 percent of their DNA.  If humanity just practiced humility and realized that their side messed up, as well as acknowledging that the other side messed up too, tried their best to make amends and move forward, we have the knowledge and capabilities to provide representation to the entire globe.  A worldwide computer network, a world wide economy, and a world wide space agency, are just some of the things that we would enjoy.  It is easy for an individualistic culture, especially with our media, to see this as an opportunity for exploitation.  And it is true, that this government could exploit the masses.  It is very possible.  However, if we construct a system to hopefully prevent that behavior, as well as promote a culture that favors another human being, quality of life would greatly increase for everyone.

As social stratification decreased (income inequality) the overall health of the entire world population would increase.  Higher life expectancy, as well as fewer disorders.  The works.  Finally, crime would decrease, as there is a huge correlation between crime and poverty.  Drugs are known to have a huge influence in impoverished environments, and, we as a people should treat drugs as a public health issue, not a criminal one.  There should be good quality education for everyone.  And I know what most people are thinking.  How are we going to pay for this?

Why can’t this culture get past this question?  First of all, The Fed just recently released due to a partial audit, that they issues a 17.x trillion, that is right trillion, dollar bailout to various institutions across the globe.  It is in my view, with fiat currency, that you can really just create money out of thin air to satisfy the needs.  But, maybe we as a human race do not follow the current economic paradigms.  The paradigm that makes the most sense to me, would be a paradigm that not only serves humanity, but nature as well.  You can give me a negative connotation of being a tree huger all you want, but we only have one home, and ontop of that, if humanity does find another planet to colonize, this is our native home.  Why not take care of it?

That is why I believe that we should base our economic decisions on the rate at which Earth can replenish said resources.  That way, we can ensure a healthy Earth, and therefore a healthy biosphere (The Gaia Hypothesis).  Also, a huge factor in this is population.  Regardless of ideology, the human population is getting out of control.  We need to start limiting how large a single family unit can or can’t be, simply because humanity’s population is such that we are consuming faster than the Earth can replenish.  This is the stepping stones for something disastrous.

But in order for any of this to start working, and going in a certain direction, every single human being has to have some caring, some empathy, some understanding of the other human being.  Some people, while going through some very troublesome times, do some very troublesome things.  They should take responsibility for those actions, but in either case, that does not justify us from ceasing to care about that person.  Only through Unity, can humanity face some of the most serious issues that have confronted us.  It is true, that our current ideology of individualism fueled the growth that got us here.  However, that does not necessarily mean that this concept of self-maximization can fix all of the problems that it created.