Global Warming and the Cycle of Life

Today on the bus home I was reading an article from Scientific American on the issue of climate change.  It was a well written article basically explaining two things.  First, that actual climate change is moving at a much faster rate than was anticipated.  And second, previous drastic changes in temperature on this planet had an onset of increased carbon dioxide concentrations.  This to me, was clear evidence that releasing all that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, compounded with feedback processes, will make this planet mostly inhabitable eventually.  Now in the past, I would be upset.  I would question our values, our economic paradigm, as to the reason why we are damaging our planet.  And I have done so, by analyzing our economy as best I can, and question the postulates of our time.  But I am starting to come to the conclusion, that we aren’t determining our fate, we are just speeding it up.

The feedback process that scientists are most concerned about is the amount of ice on the planet.  If ice melts, more heat from the sun will be absorbed because there is less ice to reflect the light back, causing in an acceleration of melting ice.  This results in a snowball effect if you will, or feedback process as it is termed in the scientific community.  In other words, if the planet gets warm enough to start melting ice, eventually you will have drastic change in temperature.  And I am starting to think that this is actually a natural cycle of the Earth.

Let’s assume in this thought exercise that there was no humanity.  An age of reptiles and insects with prehistoric birds fill the land.  Eventually, these animals are going to become successful in a reproductive sense.  When this increase in population happens, there is an increase in carbon dioxide emissions, simply because the sheer number of herbivores and omnivores are consuming plant life.  Compound the fact of natural disasters that could contribute to carbon dioxide emissions (volcanoes), as well as the fact that our planet’s orbit fluctuates between a more circular orbit to a more eccentric orbit, you can see how a raise in temperature could happen.  This then, induces feedback processes most notably that of the ice, which most likely is being predicted of having the most influence on climate change.  Extremes happen to temperatures on the planet resulting in an eventual ice age.  An ice age is a reset button if you will of the planet.  It kills most life and stabilizes the temperature.  Once the ice age subsides, there is little life and a lot of planet to explore, rich in carbon absorbing and oxygen expelling plants.  These are the favorable conditions to life.  And this is the cycle that I think our planet is in.  I think one day, our society will be like Ancient Egypt, where humanity will theorize what our lives were like.  I think only a small number of humans will make it through our daunting ice age, but they will.  The cycle of life and death, or yin and yang, is the driving force to our planet.  In other words, I think ice ages are necessary for the planet to continue harboring life.

And so, I look at it now that we are speeding up our destiny.  And, that makes me less mad.  I am also at peace, because I have come with a theory or an image with what I know right now, and it provides a lot of answers as to what might be happening.  Of course, you can never know for sure, the only way of knowing something this complex is to experience it, but the overall theory and image makes sense.  I do believe in Ying Yang.  I do believe that core opposites coexist with one another to balance life.  And as the planet is abundant with life now, it will one day be barren, trying to equalize temperature.  So as we are releasing tons of carbon dioxide in the air and not doing anything about it, as well as be in complete denial about Global Warming, I am at peace knowing we are fulfilling our destiny, of creating a planet that will destroy most of life as we know it.