I personally do not like it when someone says, “Scientists just deal with facts,” or something along those lines.  Sorta like stating the facts create their own paths without any effort from the scientist.  But really, there is a lot more finesse that scientists exert when they conduct their experiments.  The key word is interpretation.  So a classic example is a study that I just read about.  Using ice cores, data is showing that carbon emissions were present before a temperature shift.  Now, one interpretation is that elevated greenhouse gasses are a symptom of temperature changes to come; whereas, another might think the carbon emissions help cause the temperature shift.  Could be that the release of carbon emissions has a feedback process that increases carbon emissions.  But the bottom line is that there are multiple ways to look at data, and it is not so clear cut sometimes.

I say this, because I am reading another book on Gaia Theory.  I’ll write a post about it someday as it takes time for me to read and understand the material.

Anyways, part of this book was stating all these various evidences pointing to a sick Earth.  To me, they made sense and the logic was clear cut.  The book stated at one point that the sun is getting even warmer, which is affecting the overall heat.  I remember a person on an online forum that I go to, stated a study that concluded the same thing.  Therefore global warming doesn’t exist, even though it is very possible that there is both a warmer sun as well as green house gas emissions effecting the temperature.

And so in the past I have asked, why the difference in interpretations?

I’ve heard theories about self identity, to the obvious ones about money, to keeping our way of life, to utter denial.  But I think everything boils down to being content with our overall daily lives.  This is also apparent to people who think something should seriously be done about global warming.  Regardless of your interpretations and opinions regarding the issue, for the most part, everyone seems to be content with their overall life.  So why really change it?  That to me is why nothing has been done yet.  Until there is more interruption in the overall lifestyles, there won’t be much action or desire to enact action.  It is humanity’s accomplishment for high standards of living for certain parts of the world population that may determine the futuristic fate of the whole species.  I will be honest.  I am pretty passionate about this topic, that we owe it to our planet and our future generations, to get this Earth back healthy again.  But I’m still watching movies, television, Youtube, and playing PC games.  I’m indulging on the very electricity that is most likely made from fossil fuels, and I like it.  What could I do to get more involved?  How could I put that on my plate, when I don’t even have myself figured out?

So I guess I have reached a point, to where I have read the literature and I have come to my conclusion.  (I will write a post on Gaia Theory when I read more)  I think Global Warming is real, and it has largely to do with man’s influence.  And I think reading about all this knowledge about the Earth really has been both a great and maddening experience for me.  But I haven’t really been able to get active with this issue.  I haven’t even put in effort to find out how I could become more involved.  At the same time, I know it takes action from human beings to get something done.  And I think currently I am in this limbo, where I feel morally obligated to do something about global warming, albeit it is a very large and comprehensive issue.


Because I am content with my life right now.  Even though things aren’t perfect, there really are some nice aspects to it.  I get to enjoy a roof over my head with heating, cooling, electricity, and different modes of entertainment.  I have access to a public transportation system, and an amazing library.  This standard of living, even though it is probably low to our standards, is extremely high compared to other people.  For this I am grateful.  And for this, I think most of us dismiss global warming.  We are content with our lives, the major consequences are not going to be in my life time, so why care?

In my opinion, we owe it to ourselves, everybody on this planet, as well as the beautiful wildlife and ecosystems that encompass this Earth, to do something about global warming.  To me, it just seems the right thing to do.  And so I want to walk how I want other people to walk.  So I am going to make it a personal goal to be more involved and more aware about global warming.

And I hope I at least inspired my readers to think more about this too.