Dark Energy

There are certain terms used in cosmology, like dark matter, dark energy, and anti-gravity that many people probably haven’t even heard of those terms.  Dark matter is found throughout the universe using observation and calculations.  When light is bent, the amount of mass can be calculated.  When a certain area has more potential mass than observable mass, dark matter is found.  As dark matter could behave under its own circumstances, and it is used to account for the amount of gravity a certain system has.  Dark energy has similar origins.  When observations were being made on super novae, they found the light had a red shift to it.  This meant that the universe was expanding, and in fact, with further calculations scientists were able to determine that the universe was accelerating in its expansion.  Where is this energy that is driving the universe to an accelerated expansion? They didn’t know and couldn’t see it, so the term dark energy was created.

This article, The Geometric Origin of Dark Energy by M.I. Wanas, was a captivating article providing the theory for not only dark energy, but I would argue for dark matter as well.

Einstein changed the way gravity is looked at.  Imagine in the space around you, an essence of dimensions that you cannot perceive, and this essence is traveling in the same direction.  This direction, is the vector of time.  (Time can have different magnitudes because time is relative.)  Keep in mind that even though time is interwoven in space, because it is in higher dimensions doesn’t mean the direction of time is a straight line, it most likely isn’t.  However, it is always moving forward in the same direction.  In other words, the space around you, should be termed space-time, as time is interwoven with space.

Now when an heavenly object is placed in space-time, or as we discussed, in space.  Einstein basically said this mass warps space-time creating a volume around the object in which gravity would have an attractive affect.  Any objects that are influenced by this space-time warp would have a warp of its own.  These warps influence on one another in such a way that an orbit is created between two objects in space.  And well, since gravity is the result of warped space-time, if there was an object with an extremely high mass (black hole), time would be warped to a point that there would be a noticeable affect.  What I am trying to portray, is that time is interwoven with space.

This is important because the article that I read has to do with the geometry of space-time.  Basically they were doing higher dimensional math to influence how the geometry of space-time looks.  Through pages of calculations, they could describe the shape of this space-time, but a picture could never be drawn, simply because we can only directly perceive three dimensional space and indirectly experience the fourth dimension of time.  (space-time)  They found a geometry that would actually cause space time to have a repulsive effect compared to the space-time in our part of the cosmos.  This phenomena, could account for the dark energy observation.  Of course, this is just a theory.  Which means, in order to validate such a theory some sort of experiment has to be created in order to test this theory.  And well, I would not be surprised of this theory is not testable, which is a common problem with theoretical physics.  Maybe someone will find an indirect phenomena which is dependent upon repulsive space-time, who knows.  But what I would like to know is, what causes space-time to change geometry?  I ask because I believe this could theoretically be applied to dark matter.

If space-time has a geometry that has a stronger attraction force, the warped space-time due to objects would have a more attractive effect.  This would essentially create the illusion that there is more matter there, when in reality there isn’t due to the stronger affects of warping space-time.  There is no dark matter, there is just differently rotated space-time.

Again, assuming this is true.  However, it does explain these two phenomena, and their theory would be stronger if they could explain what causes these different geometries to occur.  But all-in-all, it was a very interesting read and it gave me a cooler perspective of the universe.  That space-time itself has properties that if changed, create a different backdrop on how matter behaves.  Really really cool.


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