Gun Control, and Feeling Uncomfortable

I must say, I feel pretty uncomfortable when it comes to this issue.  It is one of those very strong issues, meaning people are very strong on both sides.  And well, for the longest time I didn’t really know how I stood on the issue.  Then I came to a conclusion, and then I just came to a realization that is inspiring me to write about it.

What I eventually concluded was that there should be the right to bear arms simply because there has to be a means for the people to overthrow a repressive government.  Even though there is senseless violence, I still think it is vital for the people to have this avenue.  I do think there will be violent offenders regardless of what is out there, but guns in my opinion makes the difficulty of killing not existent.  As we see, since so many people have access to guns it is pretty easy for anybody to get their hands on it.  And so, I was willing to have my every day life more dangerous (the whole idea that people are more safe with everyone holding compared to no one holding, is dumb assuming that there is no guns allowed in the picture) so that the people can buy firearms when the government starts ordering drone after drone on the populace, or any other questionable act.

But what makes me uneasy is the state of the Federal Government and the United States Military.  We obviously pump so much money in our defense budget that we would understandably have a large armed forces.  To put it into perspective, I read the other day that The United States has ordered a certain number of super carriers, to the point that we will have ten super carriers.  Some might be decommissioned, and some are in maintenance while others are at sea.  These bohemiaths are a city at sea, with an arsenal of weapons at their disposal.  The main reason that I believe we have these many carriers, is to ensure smooth trade for our economy.  We need to sustain that economic growth.

It costs like 10 billion a carrier.  Compound with this massive fleet other aspects of our armed forces, ranging from man power to sheer technology, let’s just say The United States is not going anywhere.  To fuel economic growth, the United States will slowly expand their presence in any way to keep our way of life.  And so, back to gun control.

If we had the right to purchase weapons, we would not stand a damn chance against The United States Armed Forces.  We may have numbers, they have tanks, and helicopters.  And other stuff that I don’t even know of.  Even if older men and children held a rifle and got into a gun fight, the sheer strength of these forces are too high.  And I think that is part of the purpose a really strong military offers.  Not only can it flex to other countries, but is a force to be reckoned with internally, if things became too oppressive.  The people in power are staying in power to make more power.  It is just the way it comes to world history.  And so, I do not think it would really make a difference if we had access to firearms, to the point I would want killing to be more difficult for the criminal.  If we could just rid society of firearms, dismantle the NRA, and dismantle any firearm that gets possessed, I strongly believe over some time there would be a lot less killing.  It is true that killing could still be accomplished with blades, fists and the such, but wouldn’t that be much more easily guarded against?  Why not for physical education self defense is taught?  Being regular with self defense would increase physical activity and be actually helpful in a society with no guns.  To me, that makes more sense then allowing everyone to buy handguns.  Guns makes killing so easy, and we have already passed the point of being able to rebel against this government even if we wanted to.  If we were to rid society of all guns except for certain individuals (military) , there would be a lot less killing compared to giving every possible person a hand gun.  Just the option of being able to kill someone makes the situation more dangerous.  People are going to still get access to firearms illegally, especially with a still functioning NRA.  But we need to focus on not only the supply issue, but the demand issue as well.  (Which I might write about with the drug war)

And I am going to say it.  Maximizing individual freedom when you have millions upon millions of people does not mean it is the best option in all options.  I can’t stand when people do that.  X takes away from individual freedom Y, so we shouldn’t do it!  That is not what our country was founded upon!

What I don’t understand, is why people cling to certain ideas when they were fabricated as long ago as they have.  Yes, some of ideas we should keep.  Thomas Jefferson wrote law about Human Rights.  But America in 1776 has different circumstances, and this should be considered when following The Constitution so blindly.  I think obviously The Constitution was a memorable document, America has come a long way.  However I find it impossible that that document can guide us through life no matter the era without some revisions.  Hell, with the different way the constitution has been interpreted different ways in The Supreme Court, we aren’t following the document as it is.

As long as the people work and are able to pay taxes and keep this economy moving, there is an incentive to keep the masses happy.  Look at it that way.  And, I think generally people do love this country.  I love living in this country, it isn’t perfect, and I am thankful.  But there are things that I find that what our country does is downright evil, but that is another discussion entirely.  But the government in my opinion will violate “rights” and win to get what they want, regardless of what is written on an old piece of paper.

My point?

I would read The Declaration of Independence and The United States Constitution with a grain of salt.  Realize what it has accomplished at the time, realize what it has accomplished, but when it comes to getting something in the agenda of those who are powerful, they will not hesitate to violate laws and rights to get what they desire.  And, that certain postulates will not pertain to all times of humanity.  Things change.  There is no possible way that everything from The Constitution applies to our way of life.

I know that was a rant, and I know it was political.  It isn’t my usual format, but I had to write down my new stance on Gun Control, I was excited.  Nonetheless, I hope you will continue reading my blog if you disagree with my views.

Till next time!



  1. Goss said,

    April 18, 2013 at 11:14 am

    Fun fact: The bill of rights aren’t rights granted to you by the government, its the list of rights so important that the founding fathers thought the government should never touch them under any circumstances.


    • brengleman said,

      April 19, 2013 at 5:30 am

      I understand the concept of the Bill of Rights. This is why I had a discussion about the interpretation of The Constitution. The forefathers were not perfect. I think the second amendment is being counter-productive in our point in time.


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