What Now?

So I just wanted to write a post reflecting on the state of this blog.

First I want to say I am pleased, as I am getting more consistent views.  I already have exceeded my expectations when I first started, so I know growth is the only available direction if I keep it up.  I do plan to try and be more regular with posts, it is just it is hard to get material sometimes to write about, and then I have to physically write it.  I do enjoy writing, it is just my energy is pretty limited from the medicine that I take.  That is pretty much why I crank these posts out in one sitting.  It is sort of a shame, because if I were to devote more time in preparing the post it would be at much better quality.  Maybe that is something I will strive towards.

I think I am going to remove the Mushi section.  I really wanted to do that, and I still do, it is just I do not feel like watching an anime right now, let alone an anime that I have already seen.  So, it will probably will never be written.

I have second part of a job interview coming up around the 8th of May.  Where there is money, there are more options for this blog.  It will be something that I am going to think about.  My own domain name would be a must, and there are other options to increase viewership of the blog to receive more feedback.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to have the experience of reading constructive criticism for my blog.  So that is something I will think about.

I just wanted to say thank you for reading my blog.  I hope you enjoy reading it regardless if you agree or disagree.  I hope it gets you to think most of all, enough that my blog might churn some very stimulating thoughts, thus leading you to liking my blog regardless of your stance.

Thank you, and I will have more coming your way pretty soon.  I just gotta read the article.  It is on how neurons actually store information!  The very thing that I hoped was found out in a previous post.  Anyways, I am excited.

Till next time.