Future Contributions

I think in the end I am not going to expect to post regularly on this blog.  At some points in time I may, and some others I may not.  Things have turned to the better or worse, depending upon how you look at things.  I just have not been reading, probably because I am still recovering from my last reading binge.  But on Monday I presume, a book will come in the mail that is hopefully going to teach me adequately on the subject of mathematical proofs.  I miss math, I look forward to it, and it seems to be a new beginning because I am moving past Calculus, hopefully able to find out what next mathematical mountain I can climb.

When I was a kid, I always dreamed I would contribute someway to society.  I don’t mean by contributing to our economy, but more of human knowledge.  There was this problem that I wanted to solve when I was a kid reading about relativity.  I grew up in a Christian background, as my father was an ordained pastor and my mom’s side of the family is Christian as well.  One of the first intellectual roadblocks I had was reading about the evidence of a Big Bang, and the age of the universe.  13.7 billion years is much more than six days and seven nights.  And well, my first attempt to alleviate this conflict was applying relativity.

Basically, if there is a God he would have created the infinitely small universe and it would of been outside of Himself.  He can do this, because well, He is the creator.  Once the implosion happens, and the extreme expansion (inflation) engulfs everything while creating everything, the reference of time between God and the universe would be different.  Why?  I was going to skip this, but what the hell…

If you had a light beam traveling the speed of light, and you had an electron from an explosion traveling close to the speed of light, the original light beam would appear to be traveling the speed of light regardless of the speed of the electron.  Why?  Because the speed of light is a constant regardless of what frame of reference you are in.  Let’s say there is a Creator, who is an observer because He created the infinitely small and dense particle, the electron would be traveling slightly slower than the beam of light.  But wait a minute!  Didn’t we say that the speed of light is a constant?  Yes we did!  This means something has to change, something has to give.  And this is time.  This is the genius of Einstein.

My point, is the frame reference of time would be vastly different between the Creator and the Universe.  Especially considering the speed of the initial expansion.  There is something called Inflationary theory, and it basically says that things exploded crazy fast.  If you think about it, Space has to travel at the same speed, if not faster than the speed of light.  Because as far as we know, space is required for light.  So if space is expanding at an insane rate, time would definitely slow down.  Meaning, more units of time would pass in the universe per units of time of God.

So what does this have to do with the price of eggs?  When I was a kid, I wanted to solve this problem.  I wanted to take the best estimates of various variables, plugging in those values in an equation that I planned to derive or use an older equation for this purpose, and see how much time would of passed for God when calculating times for the total age of our Universe, to the age of the Earth, to when humans first walked on the Earth.  Just to be curious.

Then I would reverse the procedure and the equation.  I would plug in known times (six days and seven nights), to see what the value of these initial variables would have to be (matter).  If there are discrepancies, then could the procedural error of current methods account for the difference of the variables?  I’m sure things would of gotten pretty interesting…

And it is possible that things would not of gotten interesting at all.  It could very well be possible that the numbers would just not make sense, and it would of been a waste of time.  But it would not of been a complete waste.  Learning the physics and the mathematics required to do such a problem would open many doors.  And there is one door that I can hopefully walk through.  And that is theoretical economics.

What I mean by that, is basically theorizing of a system or an economy that is different than Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, and it allows for a better way of life.  It seems that the consensus is that this is not possible for some reason, and I hope to explore why people insist this is the case.

These are two core contributions I would like to make to humanity.  They may not be possible, and it maybe deadweight, but I figure I would learn something in the process regardless of the outcome, which could lead to a meaningful contribution.  The three core disciplines I would have to focus on, would be mathematics, physics, and economics.  And, since I have a new math book coming in the mail on Monday, it would be a good time to get started.

So honestly, this post was for me.  To remind me of this moment, and maybe just maybe things will change in this direction.  But I do hope I continue to push myself and educate myself so that I can one day make some sort of difference.  So I can maybe one day make some original contribution to humanity.