Humanity’s, or this Nation’s, Common Goal

“Egypt didn’t build the pyramids, the pyramids built Egypt.”  -Unknown

I bring this up, because I think taking Egypt’s strategy of having a common societal goal would not only unite humanity for a common good, but would force humanity to progress in ways that would otherwise not be possible if we did not have this goal to begin with.  I am not sure what that goal would be, but I do not think humanity would follow it completely unless it was utterly necessary.  Simply because self-gratification brings forth more pleasure than group-gratification.  This means that if the common goal satisfied the needs of the individual first and then the group, the goal would be feasible.  And necessity definitely satisfies the conditions of self-gratification.

What brought this idea was a little documentary that I watched on the National Geographic Channel.  It was a thought experiment.  If scientists detected an apocalyptic asteroid heading towards a collision course to Earth, what would the world do?  What baffled me was the required cooperation of the world essentially.  What could be accomplished if the world could cooperate on a basic level now, when there is no asteroid heading for the Earth?  I’m thinking the options would be endless.

What I would love to see would be space exploration and the colonization of Mars.  Of course, there are probably other more necessary tasks that need to be done, but it is still fun to fantasize.  But that will be a necessity relatively soon.  As the population of the planet continually increase, the resources of the planet will not be sufficient for the said population.  So, people are going to have to migrate to another planet, and some ideological barriers are going to have to be broken (reproduction control) unless we want large amounts of people to die a suffering death.  Who knows what will happen.  Or we build farms and residences in the sky.  That also makes sense.

What else could be the goal?  One goal that would bring good fortune to economies around the world would be connecting the world by more efficient means.  Maglev trains!  These trains travel with electromagnetic propulsion and not chemical, and can reach hundreds of miles per hour.  I read a statistic, that if there was a maglev train network in place, someone from New York could go on a one hour lunch break to Beijing and back to each Chinese food.  Of course, these networks wouldn’t just be used for buying food.  Trade routes would dramatically be affected, increasing efficiency and most likely economic growth.

I honestly starting to think economic growth is going to be the deciding factor.  What else could the world accomplish that would increase the standard of living for all?  Let’s not forget humanitarian.  Would ending hunger across the globe be something society would be willing to tackle?  Probably not, because that costs money and doesn’t really make money.  But again, it is nice to think about.

If the reader wants, reply with some ideas of your own.  What common goal that would unite our nation, or our globe, would you like to see enacted?

If I had all the money in the world, I would probably launch a website asking this question, sort of like a survey, and see what gets mentioned the most.  Who knows, maybe it would start something great.



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