Debt as Central Tool for Control —> Using our Money

So I wanted to apologize right off the bat.  First, the title to this post is pretty pathetic but I am too eager to get started.  Second, I am somewhat weary for posting more personal material on this blog, as it is not consistent with the rest of the material.  So far, I have had positive and negative responses, so maybe I will do it again in the future.  Now onto the rest of this post.

I am starting to read an entire 700 page book solely about The Fed.  I can’t wait to get into it further, because already it is an eye opening experience and I have only read the introduction.  But I am starting to piece together a more complete picture as to how banks and the central bank work, and how asinine the amount of wealth banks accrue.  To recap a little bit (you can find a more complete explanation here) banks bet on the fact that not everybody are going to withdraw all of their money at one time.  Therefore, they set aside a fraction of their total sum of money to satisfy demand, while they use the rest for loans.  I didn’t realize, that this means the loans that we owe to the banks is really the money of the consumers.  Money is literally borrowed from people to issue loans out to the people, where money is literally created to establish more power for the banks, control over the people to force them to work, and keeps control of inflation by removing money from the overall money supply because money in possession of the banks is not being circulated.  Thanks to this book I am reading, I also realized that when Modern Money Mechanics (a document published by banks explaining how banks work) stated that money from smaller banks send money to The Fed, they are actually paying for the FDIC insurance on accounts larger than $250,000.  The Fed then repeats the process.  Taking a fraction of all that money to satisfy the withdraw demands from banks, they use the remaining sum to accrue more wealth continually.  The banks are able to invest money they make from interest, because it is money that they created.  Anything from trading currency to stocks and bonds, and derivatives are fair game (banks also pay really smart people to fabricate more financial instruments, or in other words, methods to make more money).

Money is created from thin air because the banks are collecting cash flow from the continual money flow that is being injected into the economy.  Money has to be continually put back into the economy (either by printing or in other words from The Fed) to satisfy overall demand of money.  However, not too much money should be released because this affects the value of money, obviously.  Bottom line, The Fed can create money on an electric spreadsheet because it is the central bank to the United States.

The first obvious implication to this is the debt that is put on the shoulders on the public from money of the public, is to motivate or force people to work.  This is necessary to ensure a higher percent of the population contribute to the economy, which in turn increases standard of living, power, and control.  This is probably necessary to be honest, but in a progressive view of society, does not have to be required.  I know that was a drastic transition, but it is a message that I want to get through.

With the robotic revolution within our grasp, which was made possible by our current system, we as a human race can eventually rid the planet of a vast percentage of physical labor.  Everything from manufacturing to having a robot in a personal home.  We could even create robots to repair robots.  This would be advantageous to humanity, for we could focus on other endeavors other than tasks that require minimal intellectual effort.  This would minimize the demand for a currency.  However, scarce resources still have to be distributed.  I have an idea on how that would work (Resource Based Economy).  It must be noted, that the banks in control would not want this to happen, as they lust for power over the entire globe.

Thanks to the ideas of Erich Fromm (here) and Freud (here), a different view of society would result in different expressions of behavior.  I believe that if group-gratification is valued, it would take priority over the self, because the group can just as well be a tool of survival.  I believe that genes determine how we react to our environment; the environment being the most influential component to our development.

I know this is a recap of previous messages, but the slight and subtle clearer vision of how our banking system works is so enlightening to me that I must write it down, even if that entails writing most of it down again.  I firmly believe and am hopeful, that humanity will see past our current system, and create a life of a more humane and easy coexistence.



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    • brengleman said,

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      Thanks! I do plan on continuing with this blog and sharing my findings while expressing my voice. Thank you.


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