The Current State of Renewable Energy

Delucchi, Mark A., and Mark Z. Jacobson. "Meeting the World's Energy Needs Entirely with Wind, Water, and Solar Power." Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (2013): 30-40. Academic ONEFile Elite. Database. 28 Aug 2013.

This report confirms and reinforces my stance on renewable energy.  In my educated opinion there is absolutely no reason to not transition to renewable energy besides political and social reasons.  Obviously big interests do not want the transition to renewable energy because there is a lot of money to be made if there was still a demand for fossil fuel energy.  There is also a false belief that renewable energy with current standards would not be able to satisfy energy demands, while the cost to install and maintain such technology would be more expensive compared to currently installed systems.  There is no economical reason why we should not transition.  Regardless of the climate change debate (which there is none in my opinion), by switching our primary energy grid to renewables we could save fossil fuel resources for other uses.  The cost per watt of energy would be about half the cost of our current grid due to the low maintenance cost of this grid.  Wind, water, and solar power would not only satisfy current demand but access power would be generated.  This could be stored in a multitude of ways including the hydrolysis of water.  The remaining hydrogen could be used as fuel for other technologies, such as transportation systems.  The byproduct of heating hydrogen is only water vapor.

There is also another method being developed and that is space solar energy.  As I presently understand it, satellites in space capture the sun’s energy and then relay that energy to power stations on Earth.  This method by itself could completely satisfy energy demands of the planet.

With all of these ideas on renewable energy and the present trend of increased efficiencies of energy consuming items, we could provide energy to everyone at a fraction of the cost with zero planetary emissions.  The money is there.  The report talks about different incentives the government can put into place to promote the development of renewable energy.  Also, past human accomplishments like the space program in the 60’s, the interstate highway system in the 50’s, and insane production during World War II shows that it is easily possible for America to install a renewable power grid that is completely sustainable.  This could bypass risks of nuclear methods while providing energy at a fraction of the cost.  But false public perception coupled with power financial interests keeps Washington from doing extensive work on this plan.  Once again, it is apparent to me how lobbying has undermined the entire system.  However nothing is done about it.  Personally I have written to my representatives in Congress, but I do not think any action would be taken unless there is a huge public backing.  And once again I feel contentment with current life hinders people from caring and creating a better life for everyone.  This is the purpose of entertainment.

This to me is another failure of our system.  This is why I am so passionate about The Resource Based Economy.  There would be no bribery of governments simply because there is no money to deal with.  Resources would be allocated to sustain city states ranging from renewable energy to completely automated hydroponic farms.  Poverty would be eliminated reducing crime and various human aliments.  But this religious backing of how things are not only does not make sense, but hinders the possibilities of humanity.  Financial reasons must be the underlying factor of why change isn’t put into place.  This is why I think the collapse of our nation’s currency and thus economy would only bring the change that would clearly benefit all of humanity.

And as history has shown, the transition to renewables will only be fully pursued if we are running out of carbon based fuels.  It will probably be too late.  Feedback warming would get worse that inevitably results in a drastic dip in temperature.

But I guess making money is more important.


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