I am a Naturalist

And of course being the hesitant person that I am, I do not feel too inclined to share that with people in my life.  I feel that humanity has detached itself so much from nature, that the majority of the population would consider naturalism heresy against the stance of economic growth.  In my concept of naturalism, I believe reality consists of natural processes that over time can be understood.  I also believe that humans feel more fulfilled when they have a relationship or an appreciation with nature.  I believe in a divine Creator.

The direction that humanity has taken is the direction of material profits at the expense of the exploitation of the planet.  Because I identify with the planet, this sickens me; it pisses me off.  I believe if we use economic resources to take care of mother nature because we are a part of her, not only would we help the longevity of the species but to a better quality of life.  Nature is our home.  The closer we are to it the more we are at peace with the world.  This is because the Earth is our habitat; it is what was meant to be what we called home.  I do not think if we embraced my definition of naturalism, we would revert to the stone ages.  We can use technology to enhance our lives and also minimize interference with the planet’s processes.  People have told me in the past if you want something done, to write to your representatives in the government.  But in my honest opinion, our voices do not matter.  An overwhelmingly majority of citizens wanted gun regulations to be enacted yet their representatives followed the NRA lobby.  Our voices only matter if we bribe politicians.  I do not have faith in the system.

Therefore I have two options.  I could use my resources to enact change myself in radical ways.  Meaning, in protest create instability or at least an inconvenience for the people in power.  Personally, as I have said in this blog, I know of systems that would be better for the people of this world.  I would love the opportunity to forcefully enact a revolution.  But in order to force a revolution to the people, I would have to single highhandedly make the economy collapse.  With people in disarray we could instill another economical system to better manage the planet’s resources.

I have learned about designs of space based solar power as well as improved transportation systems.  These are completely feasible.  Yet we spend half a trillion of dollars on a military that is already 15 years ahead of its time.  We do not value change, because change that benefits the common goal is in conflict with quarterly profits.  This is a detriment to the individualistic culture that we live in.  Not to mention these projects would coincide with my naturalist views.

It would be better though for the majority to feel the same way.  Even though this will be insanely unlikely, it is the more ethical route.

So I am going to try my hardest to use the system to reform it.  I have written letters to my representatives plenty of times and I am going to continue to do it.  I might start writing to different departments specifically to get my views heard.

And I think I am going to strive to live in the wilderness.  Just me and nature, books, and a computer with satellite hookup.  Here I can share my views on the world, in hopes that I may make a difference in this world.  I would be at peace, for I would be with nature, my true home.


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