Weep for Day by Indrapramit Das

I decided to venture out of my comfort zone, and read a sci-fi short story.  I did so because I don’t have the brain muscle right now to read my next book, and I still want to improve my writing.  I have recently purchased a membership on a writing website and there is so much that I find myself wanting to write.  After my previous post, one of the things I want to try for the first time is write a short story based off some of the ideas of Enslaved:  Odyssey to the West .  After reading this story, I have so much to learn, and I even got a brand new idea!  But I won’t bore you, my blog readers, with a detail review of the work.  I wanted to talk about some of the messages that was portrayed in this story.

One of the core concepts is the idea of ally and enemy.  Basically, the person that feels righteous for their war is fighting their enemy, and the organization opposed of this stance, their enemy is the righteous one.  I know that maybe confusing, and I know that maybe obvious.  But I think it has huge implications with the war on terror.

Simply, as I understand Jihadism, the United States is evil.  And, they must use force to abolish us.  Muslim extremists is just one interpretation of the Islam religion.  But I feel this war will never end.  Considering that this war is based upon religious interpretation, as well as the fact that there are deaths from both sides, we are undoubtedly going to fuel the fire by killing militants and civilians.  The only way to really resolve this conflict, which maybe way too late, is to reason and hopefully make compromises from both sides.  If we can stop the motivation by ideology, we can ensure that the war could stop.

What I am trying to say, is extinguishing the opposition is never the right strategy.  Put simply, during the killing of human beings, other human beings who witness the killing will want to rise and take their place.  Killing doesn’t solve anything, and it only brings more heartfelt pain to both sides.  It is true that Al-Qaeda struck first on 9/11, and that day should never be forgotten.  But I would also argue, that the United States are doing practices around the world that set them up for an attack out of anger.  I would advise watching Confessions of an Economic Hitman.  Considering our ways of lives of the west, and the ways of lives of others, it is true that some responsibility bears on them, but I would argue, on us as well.  By forcing countries to sell their resources below market price to the western corpocracy, we have milked areas dry for our way of life.  It was just a matter of time before the US was attacked in my opinion.

And, since killing is never going to solve the dilemma because more people are going to see America as their enemy, this war on terror is never going to end.  Which I believe, is exactly what the rich and powerful want.  They want a war that never ends, because it is a good stimulant to the economy.  War is good business.  I do believe that capitalism has gotten that evil and greedy.  I believe people want people to die so their pockets get more full.  And to me, it is sick.  This decay of morals is more evidence that we are in the age of decadence.

I know this maybe hard to read.  I know this may offend.  But I hope this forces you, the reader, to examine what you think is going on with this “War on Terror.”  Will it ever truly end?

Another message that this great short story hit home is that knowledge is the better solution to conflict.  The main character was understanding the enemy of her race, and was realizing that her race were purging their enemy; their enemy is just trying to survive.

Again, this hatred against The United States is other peoples’ way of trying to survive.  Their resources are too scarce or communities are too violent, and in some areas, we directly affect that.

But again, we have to show empathy to our enemy, and use knowledge from their vantage point to be able to solve our differences.  They must be willing to reason too, and be willing to show empathy as well.  I am saddened to think that this will only happen until so many people have died, that it forces a side to come to a resolution out of desperation.  And, a central requirement for the negotiations to work, is that both sides show humility.  When both sides acknowledge that they killed many people, and they are sorry, can a resolution take fruit.

But this is hard.  Our enemies hate us on an ideological level, and we are reinforcing that by killing brothers and innocents.  I seriously think the method of making radical Islam extinct is flawed, and I think our leaders knew this and wanted to fight this for their money and power.  I’m sorry of this is hard to hear or I offend, I am just sharing what I am thinking after reading that story, and I hope this post will make you think as well.


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