Thoughts on “Hallelujah” by Paramore

I wanted to try something new and write about music.  I have noticed through the years that I have plenty of thoughts stemming from music, and it would bring a sense of relief to get those thoughts out there to those who care to read.  So depending on how this goes I will probably do this again.  First, let me show you the song that I am going to refer to.

In my opinion this song is so much stronger than most of their material.  The punk sound really came out, and the drums sing while showing his true capabilities (It is in my view, that he holds back too much with the rest of the tracks on this album).  The lead singer’s voice, her voice, tops the sound off with her clarity and precision of tone.  Finally, the sound in accordance to what is being talked about bring images of golden daylight resting on lush tree tops.  I usually fly in this song because of the image of the dove.  This song brings me a sense of excited happiness, like an eager energy wanting to experience the future.  It brings me back to the feelings I had growing up, when life was filled with wonder and lots of happiness.

To what she says, I see two meanings that are obvious to me (thanks to the video), however there is a separate personal meaning.  The first obvious message that this song is trying to portray could be that of reuniting lovers.  While deciding to try again, she is determined to make this new relationship last forever, and celebrates in her excitement for the future.  The second message, and most likely the message intended by the band, was shown through the video.  The song encompasses the experience of their band, and their celebration for the future.

If only time flew like a dove

Well God make it fly faster than I am falling in love

This is pretty deep stuff, deeper than most of the material out there.  Doves mean a multitude of things, but what it means to me is a “good” future in this context.  Time is bringing good tidings into their lives.  The second line for me is harder to discern a meaning.  What would happen if favorable time traveled slower than she was falling in love?  Does she cease to love?  I think this may mean that she wants God to continue their good tidings so that she can continue to fall in love more with her life.  Then she changes this part.  It turns to:

If only time flew like a dove

Well we can watch it fly and keep looking up

To me this means that if tidings remain to be good, that they can just experience time and take it all in.  The image of somebody remaining to look at the sky, reminds me of being a child, when I would look at the different shapes of the clouds.  Essentially, I was happy, and that is what this line is communicating to me.  She is saying she will take the tidings, waiting for more, and remaining to be happy.  After these moments in the song, she exalts “Hallelujah!”  She is thanking and praising God for her life, and she wants to make this moment in their lives last forever.

But there is a personal meaning that I take from this.

I take it to the spiritual context.  I take it that this song is celebrating the reunion of a person and God, and they will work to make the relationship last forever.  The dove is also a symbol in The Bible, obviously, in conjunction with the praise of hallelujah, as well as the golden forests, mountains, and blinding white light that this sound creates for me – I cannot help but feel that this song is talking about a relationship with God.  I have even personalized it to the point that the song was a song expressing that relationship.  Who knows, maybe the band Paramore intended this song to be spiritual but decided to show it in more marketable context for their listeners.  Nonetheless I feel that music can have multiple meanings for a multitude of people, and that is the true beauty of art.  Art is personalized and is intimate – it brings about emotions, messages, wisdom, etc. to the observer.  In everyday conversation, I rarely ever dive into what other people think or feel about particular songs, most likely because it is hard to be familiar with the same music as someone else.  When that does happen, the conversation usually reveals the opinion of each person in regards to the song, but nothing else.  Since I am living with guys, it would more than likely turn into who knows the most music, because guys want to be dominant.  What is interesting, is guys don’t compete into how much they take from their music, more than likely because most people don’t take the time these days to truly listen to music.  I know I am guilty of putting Pandora in the background while I do something, essentially creating a more pleasurable white noise.  I wonder if that is how most music is experienced.

One thing I do know is that I used to partake in the album experience.  I would judge on how the overall flow of the tracks were.  I’d check out random artists from the library, usually striking out but still in wonder listen to every track.  I feel that since being an adult, I don’t have the time to do that anymore.  I barely find time to read.  Realizing this makes me think about where we want society to take us.  Is having more material things more beneficial than getting the most out of what you have?  I don’t know, I just find it rewarding to listen to an album multiple times and trying to find out what that song means from the writers, as well as my own, point of view.

One thing is for certain!  Paramore’s drummer can really ride the set.  I hope you all enjoyed the read, and thank you for taking time out of your day to read my blog.

Till next time.


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  1. August 4, 2014 at 9:40 pm

    […] As a result, a lot of my favorite tunes have really good drummers.  The last music review of Paramore showed off a punk drummer who is extremely good.  So I admit I am biased towards good drumming over […]


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