What Possibly Happened Before the Big Bang

Afshordi, Niayesh, Robert B Mann, and Razzieh Pourhasan. “The Black Hole at the Beginning of Time.”Scientific American  Aug. 2014: 38-43. Print.

This idea made me marvel at the possibilities that are out there, possibilities that may or may not be true in explaining the universe around us.  They built this theory around the concept on the volatility of singularities.  What I am trying to say, is our universe is very uniform and flat, which makes no sense considering the accepted theory of the big bang.  Singularities have no laws of physics, and there is no future or past – there is no time.  Out of all the possible ways the singularity exploded, the singularity exploded in such a way that eventually harbored life.  To them there has to be a logical explanation rather than a spiritual one.  So they came up with this idea, to provide conditions for the singularity to explode in a much more uniform manner.

According to their mathematics, it very well could be possible that the big bang happened on the event horizon of a black hole in four-dimensional space.  This basically means the black hole is a part of a universe in higher dimensions.  The event horizon would be three-dimensional, the very conditions that our universe exists.  The core reason why they are scheming this is because they need the event horizon.  And I quote:

Cloaked by an event horizon, the singularity is rendered impotent.  Its disturbing effects cannot escape, making it possible for the laws of physics to describe and predict all that we observe…

…We would like to have a way to shield ourselves from the big bang’s singularity and its catastrophic unpredictability, perhaps with something akin to an event horizon.

The point to all of this is a way to explain why the singularity of the big bang exploded the way it did.  They saw that if the singularity was in an event horizon, then it would work out.  This theory is testable which I like, and it is tested by analyzing the background radiation.

So what do they say about the universe that exists in higher dimensions than our own?

Well since it would of been in existence much longer than our current universe, it would have time to equalize its temperature.  This would provide the favorable conditions on the event horizon which would allow our universe to explode in such a way that the temperature is consistent enough, and the shape flat enough to eventually harbor life.  But they of course have no good explanations on how that universe was created, or the laws of that universe for that matter.

In conclusion, it is a forced hunch.  They are designing a situation knowing what we know currently which would explain why the big bang exploded the way it did.  What about the universe in higher dimensions?  Why did that singularity explode the way it did?  It is my forced hunch, that physicists do not completely understand singularities themselves and how they behave.  I think it very well could be possible that the birth of our universe is from an implosion, and that implosion had the natural conditions to eventually harbor life.  Scientists just struggle with the implications of this.  Inflationary theory was derived because scientists didn’t like how precise the amount of matter was in the universe.  If it was much higher or much lower, life as we know it would not be able to exist.  I don’t understand it completely, but the fact that if the universe expanded on an order of 78 in fractions of a second, eliminates the need of what I term “The God Ratio.”  It’s the ratio of actual matter and theoretical matter required to make the universe flat.  It had to have been equal to 1.00000000000000.  With that precision.  If it was off, our universe would not be flat and we wouldn’t exist.  Scientists didn’t like that idea, because it points to a Creator.  So they derived inflationary theory.

It makes sense, that if the singularity of the big bang was created, it was understood it would harbor life.  Scientists don’t like this philosophy or way of thinking, and will derive complete theories to get around it.  Not only inflationary theory, but this theory as well.  This bothers me.

I understand what happened during The Enlightenment, and I can see why people have a beef with spirituality.  But spirituality cannot be divided into certain factions.  The bottom line is nobody knows, and we all can theorize on the spiritual realm.  Just as I cannot provide hard proof that God exists, we cannot provide hard proof that he does not exist.  Therefore, we should conduct ourselves open to the possibility that our universe was created.

Finally, I believe that if we continue to think everything was not created from a creator, we will deal with an infinite paradigm.  Here is what I mean:

At the end, the tadpole looking thing is going into a world that is completely infinite.  What I am trying to say, is if we do not wrestle with the fact that something had to come from nothing, we are going to explain different universes infinitely.  There will always be a universe that created the other, but how did the original become created?  Believing in creation ends this conundrum, and it very well could be that the existence He created is infinite.  It would be within His power, or wouldn’t it?

At least this idea is testable.  String theory is losing popularity because the ideas aren’t testable, it is just a mathematical marvel.

I mean the other month, I read about a theory that states universes are in the singularity of black holes, which means our universe is a singularity of a black hole.  What made that black hole?  A universe, which is the singularity of a black hole.

Am I making sense here?  This theory is infinite.

So I take theoretical physics with a grain of salt.  It is a lot of creative math, but no data to support its claims.  I hope scientists get the data they deserve, so we can have an absolute picture of our universe.  I also hope more scientists would be open to the idea that there is a Creator.


“Goodbye” by Army of Anyone

So my last post was a success, and frankly writing about music that I enjoy is very enjoyable.  Not only do I get to share my thoughts on the matter, but it records a song on my blog that will forever be there.  It is a way to never lose these songs, as I have experienced the losing of vasts amounts of music – my iTouch was stolen.  Now to the song!


The meaning of the lyrics is pretty straight forward.  It is about a break up of a romantic relationship, where on one side you feel anger towards the person for hurting you, but at the same time you long for that person.  Because the love of the person is still present, he still wonders about his lover in the context of the break up.  What about her heart break?  Will she even miss me?  But what is repeated, is that pain and longing for that person experienced when love is broken.

What really stands out at the beginning of the sound is the guitar and drums.  The bass is hard to discern, but it adds a good foundation and color to the sound.  I think the first bridge is so engaging, with how there are essentially two melodies going on at the same time.  There is first the guitar and second there is the singer.  The drummer is a great rock drummer, and knows when to fill and not to fill.  He usually fills into the chorus, where things change.  The guitar and bass are playing to supplement the lead singer, in essence playing harmonies.  The “hey” at the beginning of the chorus brought me chills the first time I heard this song, it really is that beautiful to me.  I also think that the melody itself brings a tone of longing and sadness, I can’t really describe it.  The sound of the chorus is really rich and complete.  There is a lot of overlapping of sound, rather than single lines produced by guitar, bass, and drums.  It really sounds good.  Basically the song can be divided into three parts: the stanza, the bridge, and the chorus.  (I am a huge fan of this drummer)  The drummer is being musical with his playing, and understanding that the music isn’t about him, but also not being shy about his capabilities.  The main purpose that this drummer is doing is providing a transition between the three parts above.  The key is the same throughout those parts, but they are very different in content.  His fills keeps the intensity of the song while providing a segway into the next part.  When there is that strong statement of a guitar solo, he holds back to let the guitar sing, but he then adds intensity to the bass drum for the next chorus.  Then finally, the drummer provides a climax of the entire song with his drum solo.

What I love about this drum solo is it is pretty straight forward playing wise – I mean any descent professional drummer could easily play this fill.  However sometimes in simplicity of execution is sometimes the most beautiful (I mean look at Beethoven, or Einstein’s Theory of Relativity).  What I love about this solo is the very obvious triplets that he puts in towards the end of the fill.  It brings a lush rhythmic variety that doesn’t take away from his solo, and if anything sets up nicely the very end where he works down his set in addition to base drum rolls – he creates a climax of the entire song.

I remember hearing a preview of this song on the iTunes store and I immediately purchased the entire album.  I do remember that the entire album came nowhere close to this song in musicality and quality.  I have not heard anything from their other albums, but I am afraid that this song is so good they won’t be able to achieve this standard frequently.  Which is a shame, but it does make me cherish this song even more.  I was afraid that I wouldn’t hear this song again, because I could only remember the name of the song and not the band.  But thanks to auto complete I was able to figure out the name and band of the song, where I was finally able to hear this song again.  I was really happy, and then engaged into the overall experience like when I heard it for the first time.  I feel that pain and longing, and the understanding of wanting pain for the other person.  It brings out compassion in me, because we know what it feels like to be heart broken.  That intense emotion, is why I love music so damn much.  That drum solo gives me the chills too, which is another reason to hang onto this song.

I am a sucker for drums.  I was a very good and well practiced trumpet player, but my passion has been the drums.  I watch drumming DVD’s as well as youtube drum covers, to learn how certain fills are done.  I do plan to get a drum set one day, but my living situation has to change.  As a result, a lot of my favorite tunes have really good drummers.  The last music review of Paramore showed off a punk drummer who is extremely good.  So I admit I am biased towards good drumming over other instruments, but usually the rest of the song has to mesh well.  I do pride myself with thinking I have good musical tastes, but this is utter opinion.  I have a friend who just listens to local radio, and thinks that music is really good music, because she doesn’t take the effort to find other music out there.  I am willing to bet anything that doesn’t sound “popular” will be shunned by her, while I can’t stand her musical tastes.

I do hope though that my readers not only enjoyed this song, but got something out of reading about it.

Thanks again for reading.  Till next time.