A Song that Sings True to my Heart

Websites don’t provide the lyrics accurately for this performance.  I will manually write them.

“The Stone” by Dave Matthews Band

I’ve this creeping

Suspicion that things here are not as they seem

Oh reassure me

Why do I feel as if I am too deep

Oh I’ve been praying

For some way to show them I’m not what they see

Oh I’ve done wrong

But what I did I felt needed be done, I swear.

Oh unholy day

If I leave now I might get away

God knows it weighs on me

As heavy as stone and as blue as I go

I was just wondering if you’d come along

Hold up my head when my head won’t hold on

I’ll do the same if the sames what you want

But if not I’ll go

I will go, a long

A long way

From that fools mistake

And now forever pay

No run, I will run and I’ll be okay

But I was just wondering if you’d come along

Hold up my head if my head won’t hold on

I’ll do the same if the sames what you want

But if not I’ll go, I will go a long

Long way

Burry the past for I don’t want to pay

Oh how I wish, this

To turn back the clock and do it all over again

And I was just wondering if you’d come along

Hold up my head if my head won’t hold on

I’ll do the same if the sames what you want

But if not I’ll go, I will go a long.

I need so

To stay in your arms, to see you smile hold you close

Oh God how it weights on me

As heavy as stone and a bone chilling cold

I was just wondering if you’d come along

Just tell me, you, will.

This song is especially close to me, because I have made some serious mistakes in the past.  And, I would love to find a partner and fall in love.  So really, this song is perfect.  It is about someone who is trying to get over, maybe even running away, from an action in his past.  He is wondering if a girl would come along with him, and there is a “blue bone chilling cold,” which basically means a depression when dealing with the unknown.  Is she going to go with me, or not?  If she doesn’t, I won’t see her again.  The point in time of not knowing, and also realizing that he could be moving on without her, brings a bone chill cold.

Recently I made a bad mistake.  I apologized, the apology was accepted, but now I have to deal with the guilt of making that mistake.  If “I could burry the past for I don’t want to pay, oh how I wish, this, to turn back the clock and do it all over again.”  I would.  I hope this person sticks with me, and treats me the same as before, but that might be asking for too much.

First I want to take note of the drum part.  If you want to listen to the best version, listen to their studio version.  It is absolutely killer.  He can’t do that part in a concert series, because he needs more energy and stamina for the rest of the concert.  That is why generally, in my view, their studio versions are much better than their live versions.  What I love about Carter Beauford, the drummer for The Dave Matthews Band, is that he doesn’t show his whole hand during the song.  When listening to the studio version, he adds a little bit here and there, and then he creates a climax with the lyrics of the song.  It is quite beautiful, and artistic.  Not a lot of drummers know to pull back, and to gradually add layer of color after layer of color.

My favorite band lyrically, and poetically, is Dave Matthews.  Another really good one is “The Dreaming Tree.”  He has a way of portraying so much meaning with very little words.  He is very concise, and in a way, it adds more room of interpretation with the least amount of words.  This way, his music sometimes has room for interpretation, and allows the audience to extract the meaning that means the most to them.  Sometimes his songs aren’t like that.

If you notice, his music changes to meet the mood of his lyrics.  When he is talking about wondering if that person would come along, and to care for one another, the mood of the song completely changes.  This is followed by when he says he will go away, there is a tone of sound that brings about a feeling of conflict and pain.  The space between the tones fit perfectly for what he is trying to say.  Artistically, as well as musical talent, Dave Matthews Band is one of the best there is, however I understand if people don’t like their music.  But for me, their music has gotten me through moments in my life that were pretty dire.  I know I said I was going to focus on one song, but I want to share a song that I have only heard him perform once at a certain concert.  And that too, has a special place in my heart.


Again I can’t find reliable lyrics.  I will type them.


“Old Dirt Hill” by Dave Matthews –> He plays this with Tim Reynolds, not his band.

Ride my bike down the old dirt hill

The first time without my training wheels

The first time I kissed you I lost my legs

Bring that beat back to me again

Screaming shouting, loud oh innocence

In the days in what we did would never end

Smoking under the railroad bridge

I used to ride my bike down that old dirt hill

And the first time I kissed her I lost my legs

Bring that beat back to me again

Screaming, shouting, loud oh innocence

In the days when all we did would never end

Screaming down that old dirt hill

Bring that beat back to me again

Bring that beat back to me again

But you know when it gets hard

Is when the days I remember, seem so far away

I was just kid, but that’s what I miss

It was just one kiss, but that what I miss

Bring that beat again

Smokin’ under the rail road bridge

Bring that beat back to me again

But you know, while it gets hard

Is when the days I remember

Seem so far away

I was just a kid, but that’s what I miss

I was just a kid, but that’s what I miss

Take me back, take me back to that beat again

When I was a boy

When I was a boy.


Literally in my life, there was a favorite hill that I would go down in my old neighborhood where I grew up.  There was an old railroad bridge and old rail road tracks that are currently being used now for the public transportation system.  Finally, there was my first french kiss.  And it is the best kiss I have ever had.  Not because it was the first one, or because she was hot, but because goddamn she knew how to kiss!  She was really good!  I have direct similarities to my childhood from his.  And, when life gets tough, I do think about that point in my life.  I had neighborhood friends I would play with outside, literally all day.  We would go to each other’s house and watch movies or just hang out where it was cooler.  When we got older, going through puberty, we started liking one another, and that is when I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

I didn’t share with my best friend at the time how I felt, because I didn’t want to lose our friendship.  I loved her, truly.  And I missed on an opportunity that would of been nirvana.  It is one of my first major life lessons.  Take those risks, and possibly establish that love, because you may never have that chance again.

Also, right before college I started to smoke weed right next to the railroad bridge.  Some of the best memories is getting high there, or getting high with my friends.  But I was abusing more drugs not only for the euphoria, but to mask the fear that I was going to lost my best friends, possibly forever.  And essentially I did.  But I will always remember those friendships, because they are probably going to be the best friendships I will ever have.

The smoking of the weed also induced something that would change my life substantially, and mostly for the worse.  But when I think of riding my bike down that hill, kissing girls, jumping on trampolines, playing four square, sledding, I mean everything that we did, there is such relief from my stress.  I remember how innocent and pure we were, and how our days’ stress was whether or not we would play capture the flag.  It was a beautiful time and a beautiful neighborhood.  What’s interesting is when you go through the neighborhood, they still have the speed limit to really low with the warning, “There are children playing in the streets.”  That warning was put in place from my group of friends and I.

The music is very repetitive, and the lyrics are very “direct,” meaning they are easy to interpret.  But as it is special to me, everyone can remember their childhoods, and reminiscence when life was much more simpler, and less stressful.  During my years of heavy weed use, I will admit I didn’t want to grow up.  I wanted to remain where I was, a kid.  Because I was so happy, I didn’t want to have the stress and anxieties of being a grown up.  I will say I have grown up to the point that I have accepted that life will change forever for me.  That my kid days are over.  But I can always remember, and my memories are beautiful, and it releases the stress going on currently in my life.  I will never forget.

R.I.P Leeroy.  That band will never be the same without you.

Thanks for reading.  I’ll be going back to economics probably next post.