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In this post, I will be focusing on two definitions of naturalism:

  1.  The doctrine that all religious truth is derived from a study of natural processes and not from revelation.
  2.   Adherence or attachment to what is natural.

I’m going to edit the first definition for me, in that natural processes are very important, but so is spiritual philosophy.

When I read about nature, and science, I feel that our universe is perfect.  The common denominator of all things, is energy (Plato’s Lifeforce –> Energy).  I just read that the quantum engine, or QE, is being tested in space by NASA.  Essentially this works by taking the minute energies that are found in the vacuum of space.  Then the device produces thrust, just from being in space.  Infinite fuel, infinite speeds.  Nature is a beautiful thing.

However I have a personal story that has me convinced that nature is where we were meant to be, without the conversation that our ancestors grew up completely in nature.  Growing up I was an extremely happy kid.  I spent literally the entire day being outside, riding my bike unless it was the winter.  Then I was sledding!  When there was no sunlight, I would come home, do homework, and game.  As school became more strenuous, my time outside drastically decreased and I predominately gamed at night.  Towards the end of my high school career, I was pretty depressed.  Now I know this is a basic story, and I refrained from getting very descriptive about my childhood, but multiple factors can explain why I became depressed.  The predominate reason in my opinion, was I was not spending as much time outside than when I usually did.  Part of that has to do with an increase in studies, and another, has to do with my growing attachment to video games.

I have stated this earlier in my blog, but Eric Fromm has a very interesting theory as to overall happiness of people.  Essentially what makes us happy is finding what makes us more human, by finding the essence of man.  The essence of man has no clear definition, but it is what makes us human, what makes us who we are.  Currently, society is idolizing, and gorging themselves with products, services, drugs, and sex.  Well sex is controversial, because there is actually no “disorder” of having too much sex.  Apparently it’s really good to have sex.  But that is besides the point.  We use man-made technology, to the point of worship.  I infer that living in cities, separates us from not only what makes us human, but our sustainability or I should survivability as a person.  If you were to take group A, and put them in nature from childhood to adulthood, there would be less conditions and health ailments as group B, who live in a city.  Simply put, nature is a part of who we are.  We are a part of the biosphere of this planet, we tend to separate ourselves from the animal kingdom.  Which is justified, but we forget how we are connected.  Nature is our true home, but we separate ourselves from nature to make life easier.  Maybe the best way is to hunt for our food, rather than pick up meat at the grocery store.

The planet Earth.  It strives to be in equilibrium.  Considering the vastness of chemical reactions, in both the animate and inanimate world, there is no contention that the Earth is striving for a state of equilibrium.  Not many know this, but every single chemical reaction goes into a state of equilibrium.  It is when the rate of the forward reaction equals the rate of the reverse reaction.  Reverse reaction?  What about iron and water?  Rust?  Wouldn’t that be only a forward reaction?  If you were to enclose the iron and water, theoretically iron-oxide and hydrogen would react in the reverse way to create iron and water.  This can be tested by altering the concentrations of either the products or reactants.  If the hydrogen was reacted with something else, the equilibrium would shift to the right speeding up the rate of rusting (in an enclosed system).

The point in all of this?

Since there are chemical reactions everywhere on this planet, everywhere from the ground to the sky, the result is the planet itself strives for equilibrium within the entire system.  This means, Gaia will induce conditions on the planet to re-stabilize itself in response to temperature change (regardless if it is man-made or not).  That is perfect.  Gaia will always remain until it is engulfed by the sun.

This intricate system of our universe, or reality, is a self-sufficient self-evolving system.  That is perfect.  That is our world.  If we are closer to our world, we are closer to who we are, and we are closer to finding our essence of man.

Thanks for reading!


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