Global Warming –> A Hunch


This post will encapsulate what I believe is happening with regards to society, oil companies, and global warming.  I am going to apply what I am learning from a documentary series on how the Earth works.  With the knowledge of early Earth history, as well as the events taking place, there is a basic, simple, easy deduction in regards to what might happen to the future of the planet.  I think it is this reasoning that I believe scientists are calling the future inhabitable.  Now, to the post.

When global warming was introduced in the seventies, everyone, including oil and coal companies knew it was true.  They did what tobacco companies did.  They hired think tanks, panels, scientists, experts, what have you, to contest the data at every way.  They were successful.  Because now I have to say I “believe” in global warming.  When it is obvious, when looking at the events of early Earth history, that carbon dioxide is a green house gas, and was required to create the early atmosphere, by warming the planet.  Everyone knew this.  The goal of oil and coal companies is to make money, but in a way that not everyone knows.  When looking at satellite images of oil reservoirs throughout the planet, more and more oil is found when you travel north.  It is speculated upon, that the arctic has the largest oil reservoir on the planet.  So, warm the planet to melt the arctic, harvest the oil, and say ef it to the future of humanity.  Why?  Money.  It’s pure evil.

When the Earth was first forming, clunks of asteroid matter rammed into one another.  As more and more did so, the gravitational field got stronger.  Thus, a feedback process emerges (VERY common occurence of nature).  Eventually, the physical Earth emerges.  With all the asteroid ramming, a molten core is started.  This eventually starts volcanic activity.  Volcanoes eject carbon dioxide, as well as other compounds, into the sky, starting the early atmosphere.  This warms the planet to a temperature habitable for life.  Since the inanimate tends to transfer energy more efficiently over time (The Constructal Law), life is eventually created as the further facilitate of energy.  These primitive life forms, were the most successful life forms in the history of the planet.  They covered the Earth for about 3 billion years.  What did they do?  Photosynthesis.  They took water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide to create oxygen.  This steadily changed the atmosphere to less carbon dioxide and more oxygen, resulting in these species to die off, while evolution took another route with aerobic respiration.

This is all that is need to be known to deduce the future of this planet.

We are releasing carbon dioxide at a rate never before seen on the history of the planet.  It’s going to warm the planet, because that is how the Earth was created.  It’s all known.  Which means, not only will temperature go up over time because of our lust for money, but the concentration of oxygen will increase.  With the added CO2, the heat will greatly affect the biosphere.  I’m presuming, a lot will eventually die off.  This is less usage of oxygen over time.  The primitive life forms of the Earth will reign once again, converting the highly concentrated carbon dioxide back into oxygen.  This means the concentration of oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere will be more than now over time.  Which means three possible alternatives.  Either humanity leaves the Earth (too much oxygen is actually damaging to the body), humanity will evolve over time to the new conditions of the planet, or humanity will fail.  A reset.  The new conditions will spawn a new kind of evolved life on this planet, and it wouldn’t be humans.  However, it is still possible that intelligent life will be created.



Gaia doesn’t care.  She will wipe us out instantly if that means the preservation of life itself, because Gaia doesn’t exist without life.  Scientists are trying to accurately model the future of the unknown.  They say in about 100 years, the planet won’t be habitable.  I think what we are doing to the Earth, will be stabilized billions of years later, and afterwards, if “humanity” lives it is another species.

Honestly, it makes me wonder if these secret societies worship Satan or something.  Because it is just evil.  It is evil to destroy this perfect super-organism that is our own, because of an economy.  Especially considering there are other theoretical economies out there that isn’t the isms, and isn’t bartering.  It’s absolutely maddening and awful to me.

This is the stepping-stones of us becoming the aliens of the universe invading planets to harvest their resources.  We just consume more and more, and don’t design a society that is in harmony with the environment, determining sustainability.  So the very “evil” that is portrayed in our stories, we are becoming.  The universe has a lot of resources, but we will eventually die off.  We would live longer, probably to the edge of the end of time, if we learned to be more sustainable.  When the universe cools, there is nothing we can do.

I know we are talking maybe billions of years in the future, but we could drastically increase our lifetime in this universe if we respected the universe, and not exploit it for an electronic spreadsheet of money.


Tron Legacy Analysis


This movie I have really enjoyed recently.  I felt when I first saw it about five years ago, I didn’t really appreciate the fullness of the film.  It’s beyond the great special effects, music in accordance to action, and the wardrobe.  I mean these costumes look like they were engineered in the future.  They did a good job.  Daft Punk being in the futuristic bar was a great touch.  The story is well written, and brings about themes of love, perfection and imperfection, as well as God and creation.  It’s a very compelling movie, and really makes the viewer reflect on the statements on these themes.

It starts with the father son relationship, of the Flynn’s.  His father decided to pursue ideas that were way ahead of their time, get enveloped in creating utopias, while realizing that “perfection” was right at his finger tips (more on the perfection them later), and it was that of his son.  I quote, “I would give it all up for just one more day with you.”  In order to really appreciate the power of those words, I have to explain the premise of the movie.

Flynn was able to take the human image and put it into a digital self.  Sort of like a Matrix I guess, but different intentions and conditions.  In this world, Flynn is God.  He created a program to protect users (himself) named Tron.  He then created a program, a digital representation of himself, to create the perfect system.  That program was named Clue.  With those three, they created utopias.  First one they created, only programs could exist in the world.  They finally after that attempt, started over and made a utopia for both programs and users.  In a super computer for the time it was made, in the bottom of an arcade, there was a universe and Flynn was God.

In fact, the image that is presented in this post, is my favorite part I think.  It is the moment that God revealed himself to His creation after many cycles.  Everyone goes in to awe and fear was expressed.  There was a program that was praying the in the presence of Flynn.  Imagine that?  First, imagine being God.  Isn’t that insane?  He created all of that.  As shown later in the film, Flynn has powers that only He can have.  Since He has the master file on his disk, He can manipulate what He created.  Imagine seeing God right in front of you.  I would just wait and stare in awe honestly.  To actually be with the Creator, brings a mixture of emotions I can’t describe.  Imagine living in a world where they know there is a God, and they know who He is.  That society has a much different psyche than ours, and in a sense, I envy them.  I would love to have the luxury to have seen my God and know that He is there.  What is interesting, is Flynn doesn’t hear prayers.  It’s something I have thought hard about with our Creator, does he actually listen to prayers?  Or does he let the system run and does something else?  I will never know.

Now it is understood the strength of those words, “I would give it all up just to spend one more day with you.”  He would give up being God to be with his son again.  He was forced to stay in The Grid because the portal closed.  He hadn’t seen his son in years, and he thought he would never see him again.  Flynn knew what had to be done in order to get The Iso and his son out.  That is why he said,”one more day” because he was going to merge with Clue and create an instant explosion followed by a complete reset.  Flynn died, but The Grid remains to be manipulated, or improved, by his son.  Flynn knew he was going to die, and it would of given up his life’s work, at being God, to be with his son more.  That was more important to him.  That is really strong, and shows what we all desire and what usually happens.  Father’s aren’t home making the cheddar, and some get so caught up in their career it is more important than family.  A song that shows this well is “Cats in the Cradle.”  It’s a cycle.  The boy mimics a distant father and becomes a distant father.  Most of us yearn for a close father because not only is it human, but a lot of us have had distant relationships with our fathers because of our society.

There is another love story.  The son Flynn and The Iso.  Iso’s were literally a result of The Grid.  They were a different race of people created by The Grid.  Flynn, God, not only created a digital frontier and utopias with programs, but created another being that lived in The Grid, with their own DNA.  Clue saw them as imperfections, and slaughtered them.  “It was genocide.”  The Iso, she is the last remaining Iso, that Flynn saved.  Imagine, being saved individually by your Creator.  In any case, The Iso’s DNA could revolutionize technology back on Earth, and was the true purpose of The Grid to Flynn.  His creation, of living beings, He truly is a God if one thinks about it.

Clue was programmed to make the perfect system.  He did it well.  Flynn had a long time to think, and told this to Clue.  “The thing about perfection, is that it is unknowable.  It’s impossible but it is also right in front of you all the time.  You wouldn’t know that because I didn’t when I created you.  I’m sorry, Clue.  I’m sorry.”  When his son went to the portal, there were images of his son when he was younger.  To show what he was thinking.  “See ya kiddo.”  Flynn then combined Himself with Clue, resetting The Grid.

I don’t know why, but that quote is making me think of a concept.  Could the world be more perfect that we originally thought?  I think it is a perfect super-organism.  Meaning it has processes that ultimately balance everyone out, and is cyclic to bring motion to the planet.  There’s a carbon cycle, a water cycle, an oxygen cycle, a carbon dioxide cycle, and the list goes on.  It’s a perfect system, that was created through the laws of this universe.  But could it be more perfect?  Perfection to us is pure symmetry, uniform color, evenly divided angles.  Sterile.  But could the structure and all of the planet be perfect?  Sure the structure is different than our preconceived notion of perfection, but what if Flynn is right?  What if perfection is unknowable?  Then our views of perfection are not valid because perfection is unknowable.

Could it be possible that perfection is our universe itself?  Could the very variable leaves of a tree actually all be perfect?  Sure there is variance in nature, but it is truly random, and that could mean true perfection.  Maybe a part of perfection is variability, or randomness?  Maybe our preconceived notions of perfection blinds us from the perfection right in front of us.  Excuse my french, but it’s the fact that we fucking exist in the first place.  I believe there were systemic steps, and I think considering all the Earth like planets we are finding, we are bound to find life.  If we are truly alone in this universe, then those are planets for our taking.

Singularities.  There is no reality.  There is no time.  There is nothingness, but a infinitely small and dense particle.  Do you think that particle could of exploded in an infinite amount of ways?  After all, there is no reality.  The singularity exploded with just enough energy to produce the exact mass of 14 decimal places to create a universe that is flat and eventually harbors life.  That to me is perfection.  Iso’s are us.  As a result of the flow of energy becoming more efficient, life was systematically created.  We are the result of energy.

This movie has really changed me.  I think the climax of the film, where Flynn explains perfection, has actually changed my perception of the world.  I think we are living on a perfect planet, in not only processes, symbiotic relationships, but also in structure itself.

I’m going for a walk I think tonight.  Thanks for reading.

A Physics Theory of Life and The Constructal Law

A Physics Theory of Life

The Constructal Law

The first link provided is an article about a MIT physicists who has recently provided the mathematics, or formula, to describe how possibly life began in general.  The second link is to a previous post of mine related to The Constructal Law – a new law of physics describing the structure in nature.

Both of these concepts stem from the thermodynamic laws.  As I recall from chemistry class, the first law of thermodynamics states that energy goes to a lower state of enthalpy.  (Meaning, that energy tends to be released)  The second law of thermodynamics state that matter goes to a state of higher entropy, or randomness.  For there to be orderly reactions, energy has to be put into the system.  So for example, a plant takes energy from the sun to construct sugars for nutrients with the help of water, and according to the article, plants emit infrared radiation.  There is always a spread of energy, as is described by the laws of thermodynamics.  What the constructal law accomplished was an overall framework on how the structure of our universe operates.  Put simply, the universe consists of various flow systems (including energy itself), and these systems will create structure to further facilitate its flow.  So a river delta is formed simply because more water can be moved with the least amount of energy.  Urban spread follows the constructal law.  Large volume segways are then met with smaller thoroughfares, which in turn get smaller.  It is exactly how nature herself operates.  Look at the circulatory system.  Huge arteries by the heart transfer blood to smaller veins which transports the blood to the designated site.  These are termed volume to point, or point to volume flow systems.  Neurons share the structure of lightning, while trees show the same structure as the respiratory system.  Structure is maintained by being more efficient in transferring whatever the system is transferring (flow systems).  This is why the inanimate looks the same throughout our universe.

Where these two law and theory come together, is the explanation of life.  In fact, I think the MIT physicists must of known of the constructual law.  The premise of his theory was predicted by the authors of the book I read, however the mathematics haven’t been derived.  Now it has been.  Of course, there is going to be scrutiny among the scientific community as it should, but I think this idea coincides with what is found in the constructal law.

Using the laws of thermodynamics, the physicist thought up of a very viable system.  Carbon atoms in a pool of something, something that carbon could radiate its heat off to.  Finally, this system is being bombarded with energy by the sun.  Through his mathematics, he is able to deduce that eventually the structure of the system would change by following the laws of thermodynamics.  The system will gravitate towards needing to expel more energy.  Why?  Because if we were to take this system as a flow system, the structure of the system will change to further facilitate its flow, or in this case, energy.  This is crucial.  Because if light is shined on the surface of the Earth for billions of years, eventually structures would evolve and eventually primitive life could form.  And, when there is primitive life and eventually RNA and DNA, Darwinian concepts take hold.  But life itself is a further facilitate of energy.  More energy can be transferred per unit of energy used.  This is the true driving force of evolution.  Mutations that work exist because they can transfer energy more efficiently.  And each layer of organisms can be used as a source of energy for others.

I honestly think if the mathematics of this all checks out, it could be a candidate for the Nobel Prize.  Of course they are already coming up with ideas to test his theory in the lab, which is crucial in the whole scientific process.  However, it must be noted, that computer models show his mathematics at work.  So I think that will boost his idea in the various labs across the world to try to verify or disprove his idea.  To think that the inanimate is the very creator of life is very chilling.  To see it work from the very beginning, the big bang, the formation of stars and planets, and those stars if under the right conditions create “life” or formations that can facilitate further the flow of energy.

Wouldn’t it be perfect?  Wouldn’t it be perfect to create a system that is literally self-evolving and self-sustaining, that has no need to be tampered with?  The imperfections are weeded out, and are necessary in order to make the system itself sustainable.  So for example, if there was no friction, there wouldn’t be sustainable movement of various things.  Interest rates are necessary to constrict the flow of money, otherwise there would be hyperinflation.  If energy would be purely transferred, there would be no energy absorbed, which would not allow for orderly reactions, therefore actually restricting the amount of energy that could be transferred.  The imperfections are necessary in order to keep the system sustainable.  This strengthens my belief in a God.  But I believe God created this system that we call The Universe and let itself create its destiny.  His gift is life itself, it is ours to do what we will.

The Constructal Law

Bejan, Adrian, and Zane Peter.  Design in Nature.  First.  New York:  Doubleday, 2012.  Print.

This book is one of those books that will completely change and add to the perceivement of our world and universe at large.  Books like these reinforces the motivation for me to expand my knowledge and read, as the enlightenment that it can bring not only comforts me with the less uncertainties of life, but allows me to be more prepared to tackle large issues of our time.  It is one of those books that makes me feel somewhat more intuned with the world around me compared to the majority of people that have not read this book.  It makes me feel empowered; it puts me in awe with the world around me.

The book talk about a new law of physics that was recently discovered by the primary author of the book.  It is termed The Constructal Law.  The law itself is very simple to understand, but the implications of this law is very profound.  The evidence of this law is all around us because it is a law of reality.  Mathematical details of this law was discussed as well as different observations of flow systems themselves — the primary instance of The Constructal Law.

Put simply, The Constructal Law states that the universe consists of various flow systems.  These systems will evolve structure and design to further facilitate its flow.  Facilitates means that the efficiency of the flow systems and speed will increase due to the designs that naturally are implemented.  “Flow” is another term for the general concept of energy.  Movement of energy will continually evolve to further facilitate the flow of energy.  Therefore, flow systems can be about the flow of electricity, light, money, knowledge, education, ideas, water, air, food, and basically anything that you can think of that flows through the world around us.  And, you will find out that that can encompass almost anything, because the inanimate and animate world is a vast collection of flow systems.

The architecture of these flow systems distribute flow from a point to volume or volume to point configuration.  So let us examine a tree for example.  The root system takes moisture from the volume of the soil, and absorbed it to the point of the trunk.  The roots construct themselves so the flow of water is further facilitated, or in other words, the flow system becomes more efficient as the design is created.  Everything in nature evolves to move the most mass of their flow with the smallest unit of energy.  Then, the the leaves of the tree is responsible for absorbing carbon dioxide and photons in order to create nutrients for the tree which results in the discharge of oxygen and water because water is a catalyst for the reaction.  To take light from the volume of space around the tree to create nutrients that is pumped throughout the tree (sustaining the root system that provides water that is possible for photosynthesis to occur) another volume to point flow system is created to distribute the nutrients throughout the tree.  Also, an overall flow system of volume to point to volume is established to distribute water from the ground to the dry air.  (Energy goes from high to low due to the first law of thermodynamics)  The tree is a flow system of water and nutrients, and this configuration of vasculerization (volume to point or point to volume) is found everywhere in nature to maximize efficiency of flow systems.  Look at the structure of lightning, the structure of arteries and veins, the design of our respiratory system, rivers, cities and their streets, neurons, electricity, to the trajectory of air planes flying across the planet.  This weblike design is the result of further facilitating flow; which means more flow moves with the least amount of energy.

The implications of this is so profound.  The book first talks about how this affects the notion of intelligent design.  Many scholars and scientists observed that nature seemed to have a common design with a whole plathora of structures.  Many assumed this was evidence of some divine creator — the result of his divine engineering project of our universe.  But this law of physics shows that the overall design is due to a tendency of nature itself, which means that the divine did not have to design each system individually.  However, I must note that it does not disprove that existence of a creator.  It is very possible, that the creator enacted a reality that followed laws which had huge implications to the overall system.  In essence it is very possible that this universe was created, flipping the on switch so to speak.  The system evolved itself.  All the creator has to do is sit back and watch — influencing the system directly is a whole other debate.

In my view this reinforces the Platonian view of reality, or his metaphysical statements.  Plato believed that everything shared a life force, ranging to humans to rocks.  Of course this was questioned later in history.  Rocks don’t have organs, they don’t breathe and have blood.  So how could they be living?  But the constructal law shows that the different forms of energy flow from the big bang, to stars, to the earth, to the wind and rain, to lava flows, everything else.  Because of the laws of thermodynamics, high energy will always tend to transfer to systems of lower energy, equalizing the overall energy.  Energy tends to be released into a state of more disorder.  Eventually the energy of the big bang will cease to move; it will equalize and everything will cool.  There is an inevitable end to everything however long it maybe.  Life is movement.  The world around us is filled with various interlacing flow systems that produce The Earth around us.  This flow of energy is in everything, it is the life force that Plato was talking about.  Without the flow of the inanimate world, the flow of the animate world would decrease, meaning less energy would be moved; there would be lots of death.  Therefore, life is apart of nature as nature is a part of life.  They are not mutually exclusive.  (This is concept is strengthened by The Gaia Hypothesis which I will be reading next)  We have to respect nature, or else the flow of life will have increased resistance.  The slower flow of life will eventually evolve in a patter that will further facilitate the movement of energy — or life.  This will result in the overall movement of inanimate systems to increase.  Things would restabilize, however lots of living things would die initially.

Therefore, it is not in humanities best interest to disregard Earth.  Not only is that a obvious statement without knowing this law, but through understanding this LAW of physics, it can easily be predicted that hindering the flow of energy would affect the flow of energy in other places.

It is in my view that God created energy at the start.  Laws were put into place.  From this pure energy matter and anti matter were created.  The matter and anti-matter annihilated creating more energy, which was a feedback process.  This matter eventually created stars, which eventually created more elements.  This changed matter eventually forms planet and solar systems.  Stars created galaxies.  Elements from super novae would react with themselves forming compounds.  This matter would collect into planets having various chemical compositions.  Asteroids, or smaller collection of matter, would ram into these planets bringing various resources, most notably water.  When a planet ends up in a circular orbit inside a habitable zone liquid water is created.  “Life” is the further facilimate of energy.  It is eventually created because this further transfers energy.  More organisms evolve because mutations allow for the further movement of mass with the least amount of energy.  Humans are eventually created.  Through further facilitating movement and energy, knowledge and technology are developed.  The agricultural revolution mixed with the domestication of mammals led to the conditions to produce city states, a more efficient means to transfer energy or various forms.  Technology and knowledge advance.  And eventually we end up to our world today.

As the suns pours down more energy to Earth, this energy will drive life and the movement of the Earth’s systems.  But there is a catch.  Resistances, or imperfections are a requirement for this law to be true.  Otherwise flow segments would flow so quickly it would hinder the flow of other components, making the overall flow structure less efficient.  Therefore, resistances to energy actually make the flow of energy more efficient.  There is a limit to how much energy can be transferred at one time, especially if the initial energy pumped into the system is constant.  I am not saying evolution is done.  I am not saying that everything is the most efficient that it can be.  However, I am saying that there is a limit.  There is a limit to how efficient these flow systems can become because that is the very nature of flow systems themselves.

Using this law, designs of engineering can become vastly more efficient that the author mentions airports and transportation systems to name a few.  He goes into great detail of the mathematics of it all, to show the characteristics of these flow systems and their predictability.  This concept can be applied to the overall flow of money.  If more and more money is being removed from the flow of the system, eventually the system will change in a way to improve efficiency.  Either people will revolt or regulations would be put into place.  I will note, that people would make more money if the flow system would increase in the rate at which money is circulated as well as the amount.  If more and more rich people are hording money, this is a resistance to the flow structure of money.  Of course, there is always resistance.  But using this law, it can be predicted that if this money is circulated through the flow of the economy, improving on the transfer of flow to everyone, more money would be returned back to the people hording money.  If this is taken to an extreme, people that have no money, or too much resistance to the flow structure, will do actions to increase flow.  Am I making sense?  How we go about increasing that flow is a whole other debate.  It could be higher taxes, to higher incentives to spend money.  I would rather go with the latter.

As you can see, this is a read that has changed my life.  It was a very spiritual experience.  So much so, I am going to go to a park and pray for the first time in months.  Reality is beautiful and elegant, and quite simple.  From this simplicity, a plathora of complexity is created to facilitate flow.  Humanity has been studying the complexity, but refuse to step back and see the macro relationships to it all.  Until now.  I can not wait to read The Gaia Hypothesis because I am going to use this concept in my reading to see Truth.  It is a feeling that I can not describe, but one I will use to motivate me to learn more.  This is why I love reading.  And it is apparent to me that we have so much to learn.